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A day on the Sea with the Crew of The Black Pearl, Ayia Napa

Black Pearl Boat Trip, Ayia Napa
Friday 2nd August 2019
My son Ben had brought my grandson Dexter age 8 to Cyprus for the first time and they asked me if I could take them on The Black Pearl … now, I love this boat trip so much, I couldn’t say no, coz it’s more like a Pantomime on the sea, every time I go there’s a different crew, btw, that’s us, so its always a little different, and it’s loads of fun for all ages, kids, and grown-ups …

Smugglers Caves
Sailing out of Ayia Napa Harbour every day at 11 am, Captain Jack sparrow and his assistant Captain Lucas glide the Black Pearl along the rugged coastline scattered with little bays and smugglers caves, out towards Protaras, via the Blue Lagoon on the outskirts of Ayia Napa.

We got there early to make sure we had a good spot and it was already full up on the main deck, plonking our towels down toward the Astern, on the top deck, I watched the guests make themselves comfortable with a sense of anticipation in the air, ha!, I knew most of what was coming 😉

Captain Jack Sparrow
As we cruised out of the harbour, crewmen Salazar and Eddie England took lookout upfront, balanced precariously, holding the ropes to steady themselves as Anne Bonny welcomed us to the Black Pearl and introduced us to the slightly sloshed Captain Jack Sparrow and a few of the crew and told us a bit about the trip … thought I’d better pay attention going by the remains of one of the crews that didn’t listen, hanging up high on the main mast lol

Blue Lagoon
Time for all the sprogs to come to the front, meet the crew and draw their own Pirate Flag … I spotted several natural creatives, as we skirted around the natural tabletopped mount of Cape Greko, stopping for a swim at the beautiful, tranquil, Blue Lagoon, with crystal clear calm waters, it was time to dive off the diving boards and cool down a bit … life jackets and swim aids are available and masks and snorkels, well cool, the water was just an amazing aqua blue today …

Extreme Terrain
Onto, Lovers Bridge, a stunning natural rock bridge which apparently, if you hold hands and stand under it will bring you, eternal love, not too close now captain 😉 time for a quick drink at one of the bars.  Smugglers caves were well cool and we got so close … Then the little church on the rocks and as we glided past, we were lucky to catch some rock jumpers … crazy but spectacular!

Pirate’s Oath
The sprogs then get to learn The Pirates Oath, and then everyone joins the crew with a little Zorbas dance around the boat, just brilliant … and the kids get a piece of eight to treasure forever! And the mums and dads join the fun with a few shots here and there … Rum? Mmmaybe? … btw, Fig Tree Bay looks awesome from this angle …

Time for lunch
Served by the crew on the lower deck, roast chicken, potatoes and Pilafe n coleslaw … delicious, and enjoyed anywhere … except in the Stocks lol … time for another drink on the lower deck, so I can watch the start of the treasure hunt … well cool, the kids loved it … another swim stop, this time at the wonderful Konnos Bay, about 40 minutes and next thing you know The notorious Davy Jones was up on the top deck … and so the panto continued, with a sword fight, what a brilliant show … On the way back Captain Lucas let Dexter steer the Black Pearl, which I imagine he’ll remember forever!

Grown Ups
Next, it was time for the adults to join in and this bit is more fun than the kids’ party lol … it’s lovely to see the interaction between this crew, who put so much into making sure you have a good time … tbh it’s so much fun, without doubt, The Black Pearl is one of the best boat trips on the med … I missed getting a shot of my house and before you know it we were back in the Harbour … I can’t recommend this trip enough, especially if you’ve got little sprogs …

The Black Pearl is a Pantomime on the Sea!

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