Seniors prefer Cyprus for a Safer & Warmer Winter!

Third Age Winter Tourism with Long Stay Incentives for Health & Fitness in Protaras, Cyprus 2020/2021

Peace of Mind
If you’re a senior, and getting a little concerned about tackling this long cold winter, why not book a long stay villa in one of the safest countries in the EU.  Cyprus, in fact, led the way in Europe with it’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to many UK and EU residents looking to move to Cyprus, permanently!  It’s certainly one option, for OAP’s or people in their third age, now also known as ‘the vulnerable’, to book a long stay winter holiday, to getaway from it all, in a warmer country, in the top 3 safest places in Europe.

Cyprus, have recently joined hands with the UK to promote Health Care Holidays, encompassing; service, quality and nature.  Artisan Homes are a perfect choice for that long stay getaway, with temperatures averaging 22°C by day and 16°C by night and extraordinary low prices, the idea is too hard to resist, and who knows, maybe some family and friends might visit you, there’s plenty of room!

Health Comes First
Artisan homes in Protaras are Eco friendly villas with all the comforts and conveniences, in sunshine over 330 days a year and only 100 metres away, enjoy invigorating morning walks along a rugged coastline, discovering idyllic beaches and breathing in the fresh Mediterranean air, loaded with natural Iodine …. Let’s not forget we need to look after our health too 😉

Sarah, originally from the UK, is the on site manager and always ready to help with your needs and requirements.  Whilst the concierge at Artisan Homes can also arrange everything from Car Hire to boat trips, safari adventures and romantic dinners, and as you’ll be making a huge savings on your stay you might as well spoil yourself a bit!

Special Offers
Give them a Call and tell them Tony said “you have cool prices for What’s On Cyprus Readers”  😉

Open all year
Daily: 8.30 am to 5 pm
24/7 Contact for guests

You’ll find Artisan Resort at 17E Pontou, Perneres, 5297 Paralimni … it’s just off Konnos Avenue, neatly nestled in between Protaras and Ayia Napa, ten minutes in either direction … See map below …
GPS: 34.990107, 34.072723

A perfect choice for health & happiness!

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