Cinema Beauty Club, Paphos

Cinema Beauty Club, Paphos, Established January 2020

I first came across this awesome hair and beauty salon when I popped in to get my hair cut by the amazingly talented Joseph Ohanian … Svetlana made us feel very welcome, the delicious coffee equal to the hospitality, that extends to ‘all’ their clients its seems … I was so impressed with the quality of the décor, design and set up here I asked Svetlana to tell me more …

Spot On
Svetlana, coming out of Russia, finally moved to Paphos 3 years ago having bought her first house here back in 2007 as an investment. Then falling in love as many do on the Island of Aphrodite, and laughed as she said, “her future hubby wouldn’t let her leave”.  Three children later, she decided to move out of her world as a CEO in finance and into the art of hair and beauty …

The Best
Initially linking up with ‘Tatiana’ her best friend and hair stylist of 20 years to open Cinema, then invited another two hair stylists and specialist beauty technicians.  Svetlana said “I wanted to provide the absolute best products and services”.  As Svetlana started to tell me about their services, products and technology, it wasn’t long before I realised my first impressions about this salon were totally justified … Check out the full list here

Cinema have already built an excellent reputation as a leading salon in hair treatments … with three top stylists, Eleni from Greece with over 20 years’ experience, working in the top salons.  Bella comes from Russia with over 20 years experience and the natural talents of one of my best friends Joseph from Lebanon.  Specialising in cuts, colouring and medical hair treatments from Italy, America and Japan, the later not available in Europe, the ‘Absolute Happiness for Hair’ label, so Svetlana brings it specially for you from Russia … It’s a 9 Step Treatment that’s so effective with a Japanese philosophy.  The results are long lasting and just stunning! … Naturally the cutz are well cool too!

Botox for Hair
BTX Hair is a unique rejuvenating treatment that will give you an amazing opportunity to have young, healthy, shiny and strong hair.  Svetlana said “just one session and you will get the hair you’ve dreamed of all your life!”

Milk Shake
The list of hair treatments are to many to mention and include; Milk Shake Integrity, a deep restoration of damaged hair, plus Keratin hair moisturiser and Keratin hair straightening … Also Deep Regeneration of the scalp by Davines … and a Hyaluronic Therapy by KEUNE hair care products for hydration and elasticity of the hair! … They also have an extensive range of hair pieces and Hollywood Hair Extensions that can change your looks instantly.

Hair Removal
Using the latest Laser Technology for Hair Removal both for men and women they are one of only 3 studios in Cyprus that can boast the Soprano Ice Platinum treatment from Israel, produced with German technology using three different types of laser with excellent results after 8 treatments the hair has gone completely … They’ll remove hair from any part of your body, or from all of your body, starting at only €20

Svetlana told me, “There are no two people in the world with the same fingerprints.  Our skin is also unique, which requires a personal individual approach”.  So, if you have already come across various creams that did not bring the desired result, then you’ll probably understand that perhaps the reason is that cosmetics are created according to a universal formula … that is, by taking into account the individual parameters of your skin. ⁣

It is no coincidence that skin bioengineering has become one of the most popular branches of modern science these days, and scientists are regularly developing special diagnostic equipment for testing it … ⁣ At Cinema they have the Hardware Diagnostics allowing them to measure your skin for ⁣humidity, fat content, elasticity, biological age of the skin pigmentation and its depth, number of dead cells⁣, and the quantity and quality of sebum⁣ … Once they know what you need they’ll tell you the best ways to put it right. see some of their videos here … I think I’m going to book in for The Body Relax Treatment …

LPG Treatments
LPG massage is a very useful procedure for the body and face, which solves many problems.  They also have brilliant results helping fat dispersal that works like a vacuum machine providing a very deep LPG Lipo-Massage of the body that you cannot achieve by hand.  They can also help hide that caesarean section scar too … oh, and if you gave up ciggies during lockdown, LPG Massage will definitely help you not to put on weight …

LPG Endermolift is for the Face … The new endermologie® patent is used in the Salon, combining the latest effective technologies designed for the most intensive and fastest tissue stimulation, with unbelievable results on a full body massage and wrap, a 90 minute treatment, Svetlana told me “after only one session, one of our clients lost 2kg” … wow!

Alina is their manicure and pedicure nail specialist, she’ll help you keep your hands in perfect condition, and your nails will become flawlessly beautiful.  Alina will help you with the treatment of nail and foot fungus, and problems of an ingrowing toenail, speaking 3 languages; English, Russian and Greek.  Svetlana said “you’ll need to book an appointment with our very beautiful manicure master, but it’ll be at least 1 month in advance for all her new customers.

4 Handed
They’ll do pretty much anything you can think of in the Nail World, and at Cinema it is also possible to have a 4-handed cosmetology procedure with varnish or gel varnish … it’s a ladies manicure and pedicure, without coating for 1 hour starting from only €45 and the work of two masters and 4 hands … Mmm!

This is an elite beauty club for men and women and children … they’ll take care of all your hair and beauty needs and just as importantly they’ll improve your mood, and be assured you’ll be in the safe hands of qualified, fully trained and experienced professionals using the best cosmetics and natural products available applied using the latest technologies, with no expenses spared!

Svetlana and the girls welcome enquiries for private parties, hen days, and wedding parties where they’ll tailor a special pampering day where you can bring your own bubbles and they’ll provide the nibbles and you’ll all leave feeling absolutely fabulous!

You won’t believe how many different professional hair and body treatments are used in the salon and naturally available for purchase with advice and recommendations always available.  Svetlana is happy to send them to you by courier anywhere in Cyprus … There’s a really cool shampoo bar with shampoos by Davines of Italy, likewise the Milk Shake … KEUNE from Poland … Cocktails for your Hair … really cool colouring that last for just 5 washes … then there’s the French Erikson Lab and Comfort Zone from Italy and SUDA Nails … to mention nut a few!

Open all year
Daily: 8 am ’til 8 pm
Closed on Sundays

You’ll find Cinema at 91, Vassillious Constantinou, Pano Paphos … its opposite Evangelis Moss Private Hospital … See Map Below …
GPS: 34.787102, 32.439468

Bringing the Beauty of the Cinema to Reality!


Open all year
Daily: 8 am 'til 8 pm
Closed on Sundays

You'll find Cinema at 91, Vassillious Constantinou, Pano Paphos ... its opposite Evangelis Moss Private Hospital ...

Tel 00357276207