Lithos Rock Band, Protaras

Lithos Rock Band, Protaras, Cyprus, Established 2001

Rock Forever
Lithos Rock Band have been part of the rock scene in Protaras for over 12 years, these day’s they’re booked 7 nights a week at the excellent Q Bar in Protaras!  What I really like about them is you don’t really know what they are going play each night, coz that depends on the audience … with some 400 to 500 tracks on their play list, they don’t even plan what they’re going to play next … one thing’s for sure you’ll get a professional show from a group who can play so well together and btw, they can all sing too!

They gel so well together, it’s like they’ve been a band forever and I just love the way they get the crowd involved in their shows.  Over the years, they have played at some big events opening for Shaggy, John Legend and Macklemore.  Also, opening for Greek Band ‘Blu Loccomondo’ at a recent ‘Youth Festival in Cyprus, not to mention Radio and TV appearances and check out this video of Lithos Rock Band featuring Carl Sentance of Nazareth at Blue Spice covering Highway to hell … awesome !!!

The Old Dog
I’ve known Kriss, the founding member of Lithos Rock Band, for years, much as his mates prefer to call him the ‘Old Dog’ … He started getting his band together back in 2009, I remember catching them at many gigs, especially in the early days up at Sfinx Bar.  A local lad from Dherynia, Kriss is crazy about rock, playing the guitar from when he was a kid introducing a little feet drums later … Love this live video I got the other night doing Zombie with guest appearance by Captain Crunch.

So, I asked Kriss, Why Rock?, he said “coz it’s a way of life, it’s music against the system and everyone loves classic rock, oh and, the music in Napa is shit!” haha! …  Kriss went on; “this is the best collaboration of musicians I’ve ever played with and I feel really good playing with them, we’re like a family!, so I asked; who’s your favourite band? … he said “Bon Jovi, but really the list is endless!” … I caught them doing Black Night by Deep Purple …

Keyboard & Guitar
Manolis joined the band at the end of 2019 and settled into the group perfectly, playing keyboard and guitar next to Kriss and they just gelled immediately and of course then they tightened it up, like they’ve been together for years!  A local lad from Dherynia, Manolis studied music and had singing lessons, which obviously worked as they harmonise perfectly and what a cool voice … his fav band btw is Red Hot Chilli Peppers and coincidently Bon Jovi, but he loves the variety that the band plays …

On the Bass
Christos joined the band on a part time basis back in 2009 but he became full time in 2019.  He’s Kriss’ best man, so they’ve known each other since they were kids  and he’s Kriss’ right hand man in the band.  Christos’ attitude is always, ‘everything will be ok’  especially when he’s on stage and he’s always in a good mood when he’s playing music, especially his favourite heavy metal sounds!

Banging the Drums
The latest addition is the youngest member of the band and yet another, the third Christos, making it a tad confusing but at least this Chris is the drummer … Coming out of Sotira he’s can play any genre of music so he just fits in perfectly!

The new look Lithos Rock Band, just work so well together, a band that wants to connect with the crowd.  They have the ability not just to play the old styles of music that everyone knows and loves, but they want to make the audience feel they are part of the event and their greatest pleasure is the compliments and handshakes they get at the end of every show … I love this cover of Robbie Williams ‘Angels’ 

Busy but Available
They are pretty much booked up through the summer, but are available for private performances at weddings, birthday parties, and other special events and can jig their diary around if needed and I have to say, they are worth every penny … just call Chris on the number below … and check out their Videos here …

Where to Catch the Band
Nightly at Q Club, in Protaras
Check out a few YouTube vids we shot recently below …

Times vary but mostly they play in the evenings, so please check out their Facebook Page for more up to date info … See Google Map below
GPS: 35.015795, 34.051787

Rock to them, is a Way of Life!

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