Pafos Zoo, Pafos

Pafos Zoo, Established 2003

A Passionate Man
This is without doubt the biggest attraction in Cyprus with well over 1,300 Animals, made up of 300 species, including over 150 types of birds … in fact, it was originally opened as Pafos Bird Park and I met Chris the owner, a local man, back when they first opened at the end of 2003 and spent many an hour discussing how and why he launched this park and trust me, I’ve never a met more passionate man about birds and animals!

The Setting
The location is just wonderful, set up in the hills above Pafos, with absolutely stunning panoramic views overlooking the St. George coastline of Pafos.  There’s over 100,000 square metres of lush green vegetation, ponds, flowers and trees including the amazing Silk Floss Tree from South America, covered in thousands of spikes, it’s just crazy!

Up Close
This is the only way you and your children can get really close to such amazing wildlife without travelling to America, Africa, India or Asia.  My favourites have to be the White Lions and the Siberian Tigers especially when there’s new cubs born, which is quite regular, because they are cats.  Just wait ’til you see the Red Kangaroos and Albino Wallabies carrying babies in their pouches with one leg stuck out, it’s awesome!  Check out some of their Mammals here.

Feed the Giraffes
There’s so much to see including; Elephants, Giraffes that you can feed, Camels, Zebra, Lynx, Crocodiles, Meerkats, Deer, Reptiles, Penguins, Owls, Eagles, Flamingos, and the gorgeous Peacocks strolling around the park.  They even have a walk-in Lemur enclosure, where you can feed their friendly Ring-tailed Lemurs that climb lovingly all over you.  Whatever you do, don’t miss their brilliant Daily Bird Displays, where you get the chance to learn and watch some of the amazing birds in action … btw, I love this show!

Bird show times
Summer: April ’til October,
Daily: 12 pm, 2.30 pm and 5 pm
Winter: November ’til March
Daily: 12 pm, 2 pm and 4 pm

It’s a massive reserve, created around beautiful botanical gardens, so you’ll need time to walk around and on the way, stop off for nibbles in the Macaw Snack Bar, enjoy lunch in the Flamingo Restaurant, grab an Ice Cream from the Kiosk, check out the Natural History Museum and a Traditional Arts & Clothing Museum.  The Children’s playground is really cool, there’s ample off street parking and free Wifi, so you can send your selfies to make your friends jealous.

Kids Parties & Events
This really is a must visit that will enlighten you and your children, maybe you can even hold your kid’s birthday party here and they welcome groups and corporate events.

Rescue Animals
What I really like about this Zoo is when they build a new enclosure, they build it around the natural vegetation and even add a bit more.  The animals are all compassionately cared for by fully qualified and experienced handlers and they have even rescued many animals including Monkeys from test labs and have given them a new life.  One breed actually won’t go into their house at night because they are still scared they’ll get locked in, sad but true!  In fact; The work this crew does behind the scenes is exemplary to say the least!

Endangered Species
I was so surprised recently when I heard how they are helping to save the endangered species of Siberian Tigers.  They are breeding them and setting them free in the Siberian Dessert.  They are also currently repopulating the wild Egyptian Fruit Bat to the island of Cyprus … I have to say both these initiatives are just brilliant and highly commendable!

You can also sponsor the animals which is a lovely way to help them, find out more by asking at the entrance gate on the way in … Here’s a link to a few of my visits over the years and click on their website link for an in-depth look inside.

Open all year
Summer 9 am ’til 6 pm
Winter 9 am ’til 5 pm

You’ll find them just off the main road in the St. George area of Pafos.  With free daily
bus transfers from the coral bay region during the summer months, April ’til October.  Plus a direct transfer collection from your hotel; this operates 3 times per week during the winter months and 7 days a week during the summer.  Transfers are also available from Limassol again during the summer months.  To get details on how to get there, please visit this link to their Web Site … or if you’re driving please hit the Google Map Icon below …
GPS: 34.893854, 32.342429

A Wild World of Nature!

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