Inside Out Peter Henstock, Rod Stewart Tribute . A Reason to Believe !

Chick is Rod Stewart

Before the Interview …
Peter aka Chick who does one of the best tributes to Rod Stewart I’ve ever seen, has decided to stay in Cyprus for the winter season and beyond.  welcoming enquiries from bars and hotels, private parties and weddings.  Chick’s wife Angie also does a fantastic tribute to Debbie Harry & Blondie, so you can book them both for one night only !!!

Into the era
Chick also does an awesome Buddy Holly Show, and a Rock & Roll Tribute to the Stars so you can book him for another one night only to mix it up a bit … He’s also currently working on adding a new event, going back to the 70’s with his Glam Rock Era … so watch this space for more details …

The Interview
’66 Baby

Peter, aka Chick comes outta Derby, he’s a ’66 Baby, and if you think it’s all over, think again ! … believe it or not, he left school and became a coal miner.  Having grown up in the Punk era, when he sang in a band ‘Intrigue’, naturally at tad outrageous, but like many others as punk moved into the post punk and the New Wave era, so did he, his fav band was ‘The Chameleons’ …

It wouldn’t be long before he’d change colours to suit the mood and blend into the occasion, picking up the mic anywhere and everywhere . perfectly poised, he was one of the first to jump on the Karaoke bandwagon in the early 90’s …

100 Songs
In those days. he said ”we were kids, so we just wrote the words out by hand, found a second hand Amp, and a tape machine that we had to fast forward to the right tracks and so off we went doing Karaoke around the local pubs, slowly but surely building up and renting better equipment, with screens and graphic cards, we soon had 100 songs and the phone never stopped ringing!”

Rod Stewart
Chick, was only doing 3 shifts a week in the pits, so his life started revolving around music more n more and it wasn’t long before a back injury made him think maybe karaoke was the way forward.  Remarkably, now he’s prancing around on stage doing Rod Stewart like no others ! … one of his fav tracks is Hot Legs

Inside Out
Q: How Long have you in this biz ?
”Well i suppose since I was a teenager, from Punk to new age and from Karaoke to my tribute acts, Rod Stewart about 10 years ago, and just lately I’m doing Buddy Holly” … Q: That’s a bit of a contrast ? … it’s sort of a tribute to my dad who was the image of Buddy.

Q: The reason behind your nickname ?
”Chick ? well my surname, Hens-Stock, so hen = Chick it all started from my school days and it’s just stuck, no one calls me Peter really’

Q: What do you like best about doing Rod ?
”well, back in the karaoke days I got asked more n more to do Rod Stewart, so as Karaoke started to die off, about ten years ago, the Rod Stewart show evolved. I suppose Rod lets me  be a bit outrageous with the crazy leggings and outfits, you know a tad risky just like Rod.

Q: How do you get the voice right ?
”It usually takes me a few tracks, but as the season gets busier, it just comes naturally”

Q: Have you ever put a sock down your leggings?
”haha ! not a sock but I once put a cucumber down there, to see if it gets a reaction. It was to a local crowd, I mostly knew them all, but it was so funny seeing their faces, trying to look me in the face with eyes fixed on this long thing down my leopard skin leggings 🙂

Q: Has The stardom effected your life ?
”not really, I think I’m still me, coz I don’t really do it for the money, especially since moving to Cyprus” lol

Q: Who was your inspiration ?
”my father first, coz he sang just like Buddy Holly, he bought our first reel to reel tape recorder and mic when I was about 10, but Rod was my biggest inspiration he was just class, a showoff, Rod the Mod, all that chiffon, scarfs, and spinning the mic around and stuff.

Q: If you wasn’t singing, what would you be doing ?
”Probably an Electrician, when I realised I couldn’t swing a pick anymore, I went back and trained as an electrician ”

Q: Fav Drink ?
Brandy & Coke

Q: Most Prized Possession ?
S’pose I should say the misses, but i don’t really own her lol so, my guitars, can’t play them very good but they are mine”

Q: What makes you laugh ?
”Billy Connolly, Faulty Towers, Little Britten and more recent Peter Kay”

Q: What was your most embarrassing moment at work?
”hmm lol . I wont tell you about the wet fart on stage … When I was younger I did the Ice Cream Vans for a while and one day a mile down the road, I lit a fag, put on some music, caught the curb and ended up in the bushes with my jingle blaring out”

Q: Why Cyprus?
Well I did my first season in 2014, then gave it a year in Corfu, came back in 2016 a few times and thought, it’s like a little Britain, drive on left, plugs are the same lots of ex pats everyone speaks English and the quality of life out here”

Q: Where will you be this year?
”I’m working for Joseph at That’s Entertainment so I think, definitely Rockefeller’s in Protaras and the Ranch in Pernera and Kennedy’s in Kapparis and maybe a few private parties and charity events”

Q: Are you looking for holiday romance Rod ?
”ha ha nope, but everyone knows Rod” … seriously, I met my wife Angie in ’91 and she does a tribute to Blondie, so we have more fun :)”

Q: Do you have any new projects ?
”Yep, I’m just introducing Buddy Holly as a tribute to my dad who was the image of him in looks and voice . I’m really enjoying it”

Q: So what 5 things did you pack to bring to Cyprus?
”Jeans, hot pants, music, toothbrush and my hairdryer”

Rod the Mod
I enjoyed coffee and a chat at mine with Chick, aka Peter Henstock, aka the best Rod Stewart in Cyprus, might be the only one ? lol but I’ve caught the show a few times . this guy is Rod the Mod, my hero, to a tee ! Make sure you catch him on the east coast this season . Better still book him for your party !

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