Red Indian Tex-Mex American Diner, Protaras

Red Indian American Diner, Protaras, Established 1991

3 Decades
It’s with much pleasure I finally got my very good friends, brothers Yiangos and George to sit down for a chat.  In fact, Yiangos is one of the pioneers of Protaras, originally coming out of Dherynia via Xylotimbou, we met back in 1987 in Beanies Pub and we were there when they opened in 1991, up the steps above the Malmia pub, I miss the Firecracker Prawns … 32 years later, is evidence enough in just how good this place is!

Red Dog
We chatted about Yiangos’ early days, at Karparsiana Hotel and Sancta Costa Restaurant before going in to do his national service.  So I asked him why Red Indian? and he said, it’s not really Red Indian it’s more Tex Mex these days … he laughed as he said, “tbh me and my brother George had a row about what to call it, I lost, so if I open another restaurant I’m going to call it ‘Red Dog”

We talked about the herbs and spices that head chef, Yiangos sources for the restaurant, many grown in his own garden, things like lemon grass, mint, oregano, and curry herbs, that he likes to select for himself.

Well Oiled
So I asked; Why are you guys so special?, Yiangos said; “we buy only the finest beef, no expense spared, so you’re getting GDL Angus Steak! … Our Spare Ribs are from a very good friend of mine, straight from The Troodos Mountains, likewise our chicken and we come from a family of fishermen, so we get the freshest seafood too”.  He laughed, and continued; “Then our head chef has been here 30+ years, and our well-oiled kitchen crew cooks it all to perfection, and finally, we serve it with passion, and traditional Cypriot hospitality … oh and, we keep our prices low”!

It’s on the top road, quite apt really coz this is without a doubt one of the finest eateries in the area, offering a captivating fusion of Tex-Mex, Native American, and American diner cuisine.  You’ll find it nestled between the two sets of traffic lights, at the top of the strip, before the Prophet Elias lights, tbh you can’t really miss it, it’s the one with the teepee tent on the top, and it’s spacious, to say the least.

Inside Out
Outside its all wood, there’s a covered terrace running the full length of the front with comfy bench seating.  Inside it’s more wood, tables for two, and bigger tables for parties and more comfy seating, wooden beams on the ceiling, and Red Indian artifacts everywhere, Yiangos said  “We collected from trips to Indonesia, Cuba, and Holland”, a great backdrop for a selfie! … and there’s lots of things for the kids to do, everywhere!

Tex Mex
The menu is massive with over 104 dishes there’s bound to be something to suit your taste buds … There’s 17 Starters for starters, my favourites are the Potato Skins topped with either mushrooms or crispy bacon and melted cheese and sour cream dip, I might just have two portions of those … oh and, a few Buffalo Wings, they’ll leave you licking your fingers as well as your lips!

Just in case one of you don’t fancy Tex Mex, there’s a selection of grilled fish dishes, fresh crispy salads, and one of Yiangos’ favourites the ‘curries’, they’re all excellent!

Head chef ‘Yiangos’ continued; “Some things, never change, I make two soups every day, a Tomato & French Onion and just Tomato” … you’d imagine after 30 years he’s perfected those to taste … ‘I can never decide which one to have’.

Naturally, you’ll find a selection of Mexican Dishes, from Prawn Fajitas to Burritos, Tacos, Enchiladas, Chimichangas, and Nachos with all your favourite toppings and dips, imaginable, and a must to start any party!

This is where this place goes that little bit further, assuring you’re getting the best cuts available … it’s Tex-Mex style, so you’re guaranteed to get a wicked steak … 14 Different cuts and choices, cooked perfectly to your taste over charcoal grills, served straight, or covered in your favourite sauce!

You really must try the Red Indian Steak, the Mexican Steak, the T-Bone, and The Rib Eye are their best sellers …

All Tastes
Catering for all tastes if you don’t fancy steak, they also serve, Huge Pork Chops, delicious Lamb Chops, the Chicken New Yorker one of the best I’ve ever tasted, Gamon Steaks, and just awesome Tex Mex BBQ Spare Ribs … just so you’ll have to lick your fingers again!

Yiangos said; We make our own Beefburgers, They’re 250 gsm to 350 gsm, 150 gsm for the kids, with 100% Beef with a secret seasoning or two, discovered over the years that make our burgers the best” … I have to say, “they are delicious”!

Set Menus
Here’s where this place really shines, there’s 12 Set Menus which are absolutely excellent value for money … They’re a choice of 4 Starters, 3 or 4 Main Courses either Steak or Chicken served with salads and corn on the cob, chips, jacket, garlic bread and lots more topped off with 7 different choices of Desserts … three courses start at around €14.95 … now that’s what I call a good deal!

Built for Kids
There’s a separate Kids’ Menu and they’ll happily size down any dish for the nippers or granny … and there’s soooo much for the kids to do here …

Family Place
This is a family-run restaurant welcoming families, birthday parties, and special events and it’s built for the kids, with loads for them to do here, and they’ve got a pool table.  There’s even a separate section dedicated to the nippers, with toddlers’ toys, gated for extra security, and Baby Seats for your table.

You know a good restaurant if it’s been there for years and still gets regular repeat local customers.  I love reading the displays of personal comments from their customers outside the restaurant … but do check out their TripAdvisor Reviews too … and tbh, I can’t recommend this place enough!

Turn it Up
I’ve known Yiangos for over 30 years, when it comes to hospitality this guy is on another level, he’s a host and a chef with a mission, to provide quality first and quantity at a reasonable price, and tbh, the whole team is very well oiled … oh and, later on, they’ve been known to turn the music up a bit, for a really cool atmosphere!

Open Long Summer Season
April ’til October
Daily: 2 pm ’til 11 pm ish
Free Wifi

You’ll find the Red Indian Tex Mex American Diner at 346, Protaras Avenue, we call it the top road, it’s between the traffic lights at the top, and the ones to Prophet Elias Church … Click on the Google Map Icon below.
GPS: 35.018070, 34.045348

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