Pet Galaxy by Tasos & Maria Kefalas, Paralimni

Pet Galaxy by Tasos & Maria Kefalas, Paralimni, Established 2013 

More Variety
Pet Galaxy moved into new and larger premises, a little closer to their mother company Tasos and Maria Kefalas Veterinary Clinic, mainly because they wanted to increase their selection of pet foods and accessories and more importantly to add new ones including more economical quality foods.

Pet Stores
Pet Galaxy is more of a pet store than a pet shop as they rarely have pets to sell.  However, they can give you professional and expert advice and assistance with almost any pet you’re looking for including dogs, cats, and reptiles, with a small selection of Live Fish, Birds, and Rodents in the store.

Pet Galaxy specialises in pet supplies, and wet and dry foods including top brand names; Nuevo . Royal Canin, Hills . Exclusion of Italy. Eukanuba, Pro Plan by Purina, Taste of the Wild, Natural and Grain-free, and several economy brands.

New Ranges
Introducing the incredible Schesir Nature for Cats & Dogs, an extensive range of natural wet and dry foods produced to a human consumption quality and all organic too. My cat Scruffy loved the Salmon

BARF Cyprus

Introducing this excellent Cypriot company that supplies an extensive range of raw and frozen foods accredited with a special license and monitored by the Veterinary Services of Cyprus.  The BARF Diet Range achieves results as close as possible to a dog’s natural diet.

Using ingredients that are processed as rapidly as possible to protect the freshness and the vitamins.  Modern production facilities guarantee very gentle cold filling so that the healthy elements in the food are preserved as much as possible.  The result is good food that tastes good, too.  Nuevo is produced under IFS Food standard, the same regulations that are used in human food production!  IFS certificate guarantees the highest standard in food production focused on food safety & quality.

Brit Foods produce Premium and Super Premium Pet Food, with over 20 years tradition in business, assuring us they will never use any ingredients that could harm your pets, Brit Foods export to over 70 countries worldwide including Cyprus now.  The range includes flavours for cats, dogs, and rodents.

With more space, they’ve moved this top Brand from the clinic to the store, Hills’ Science Plan Range is an excellent choice of nutritional wet and dry food for your cats and dogs … including a range specifically for ‘Prescription’ cats and dogs.

It’s always nice to give your pets a treat whilst you’re training them or just when they’ve been good, and at Pet Galaxy, you’ll find a new increased range of treats to help keep your pets’ teeth strong and healthy!  Not forgetting, the frozen desserts and ice cream to help them cool down in the summer.

Something Fishy
Introducing Sera, who specialise in supplies of Fish Foods and Aquarium Products including a new range of Tanks, Aquariums, and Pumps, with booklets and advice available in the shop.

They have also increased their range of Toys and Accessories.  You’ll find a fantastic selection of beds; kennels; homes; cages; baskets; carriers; collars; leads; training equipment; and toys and there’s always a new seasonal collection of clothing.  Of course, you’ll also get good advice and recommendations on anti-flea and Tic sprays, drops, collars, and shampoos, and they’ll message you when it’s time to apply … oh, and I love the slow feeders and collapsible travel bowls … just brilliant!

Professional grooming for all your pets that used to be at ‘Tasos Kefalas’ old surgery in Paralimni village is now here, covering all types of grooming including free clipping and nails and you’ll get your pet back smelling nice and fresh.  I watched as ‘Christina’ and ‘Kendeas’ pampered a Cocker Spaniel recently, who was obviously loving it, and so I took my Springer ‘Bandit’ in for a session, and he loved it too!

Carita is always happy to give advice and has a wealth of knowledge spanning over 26 years of experience with dogs, covering several issues including diets, health, grooming, and training.

Special Offers
All credit cards are accepted and they always have special offers on food and I love the way they write a diary on your pets so they can look after their regular customers 😉

Open all year
Monday to Saturday: 9 am ’til 7 pm
Half-day closing
Wednesday and Saturday: 9 am ’til 3 pm

You’ll find them at 174, 1st April Avenue, Paralimni 5280 on the opposite side from the vets and next to Second Cup and Hokkaido Express just a short walk from their Veterinary Clinic and the traffic lights, with off-street parking, click on the Google map icon below …
GPS: 35.031730, 33.980740

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