Yellow Sub or boat, Ayia Napa


It a semi submarine
I popped down to catch up with a good friend, captain Yioryis at Napa’s Harbour … This boat just stands out in the crowd ! Not just coz it’s bright yellow it, looks like something out of a Sci-fi movie with decks all over the place and a thrilling water shoot all part of a little mini mad cruise with one of the oceans finest captains, Yioryis, who will entertain you, swim with you, dance with you, grab a few selfies with you and charm you with his passion for the sea …

Lower Deck
down on the lower deck, thers 23 huge portholes, it’s one of the best views underwater you’ll see and a wonderful trip for the whole family …

Take a Tour
Click on their facebook page and check out the virtual 360 tour of the harbour and the Yellow Submarine … brilliant!

Sailing 3 times daily from Ayia Napa’s harbour, you’re bound to catch the boat !

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