Maiden Voyage to find the Mermaids


Do you believe in mermaids ?

Well, like most good stories start, once upon a time … Sisters, Ariel, Luna and Coral are beautiful Mermaids, who were separated during a big storm many years ago. One day deep in the Eastern Mediterranean basin, amongst the ruins of The Lost City of Atlantis, Luna found Coral …

Together they set off on a journey to find their sister Ariel, and maybe their mother, Sapphire, who was rumoured to be seen somewhere near The Blue Lagoon, in the mountainous region of Atlantis, now known as Cyprus …

The Blue Lagoon
So last Friday we set off on our maiden voyage … The Mermaid Cruise will take us on a fairy tale voyage to The Blue Lagoon, where the Mermaids were recently spotted by a local fisherman … Along the way, Pirate Billy Bones, will told us the story, and the kids took part in a treasure hunt to find the old casket full of Treasures to take with them to surprise the sisters …

Sailing Every Friday
Protaras Jetty, Protaras Bay
Departs at 4 pm
Returns at 6.30 pm’ish
Adults: € 25.00
Kids: € 15.00

More Info:
Cocoa Bar, Protaras …
You’ll find them at 9, Protaras to Cavo Greco Avenue, that’s the top road in Protaras and it’s definitely worth the short walk up from the strip ….