Aliathon Gallery, Kato Paphos

Aliathon Gallery, Kato Paphos, Established 2013

Contemporary Gift Shop
If I ever need something a little different, especially for a friend who leans towards getting the world back to nature, then I always pop in to catch up with Claire to see what’s new, because there’s something new every time … Aliathon Gallery is best described as a contemporary gift shop full of original, often completely unique giftware … one visit is enough to realise just how much passion goes into this Art Gallery …

Art to music and back …
Crazy as it sounds, Claire, pretty much ‘had’ to go back into art … originally from Leeds  first studied art, then studied music, somehow Claire, aka DJ Hooch found herself DJ’in back in the evolution of House music, even linking up at Ministry and well, eventually, that lifestyle was killing her lol, so hanging up her decks, Claire now expresses herself through art and poetry here in Cyprus, why ?, because Cyprus brings out the best in us artists 😉

U by Design : ‘The Ocean’
Claire will welcome you inside her little world of unique hand made gifts and sculptures flowing with a theme of ‘The Ocean’ … A cornucopia of original and contemporary giftware presented beautifully. You can feel the passion, as Claire creates her art and sculptures introducing more and more natural products like driftwood, pebbles, precious stones and the elements …

Lou-P-Lou Bath, Body & Candles
Claire recently linked up with Lou, originally from London, preferring the quality of life in Cyprus . Lou has introduced her Lou-P-Lou Handmade Soaps and Candles created with Cyprus Olive Oils, honeys, natural essences and organic ingredients . There’s also Hand Creams . Body Scrubs . Soya Candles . Crystals . Guardian Angles . Key Chains . Pet Charms and lots lots more …

I love Claire’s bespoke ideas … Claire personally creates unique, uplifting, bespoke hearts, cards, boards, wall hangings and ornaments, either from your ideas or with artist licence, using only natural products and then sign writes your message, greeting, poem or philosophy turning it into a completely unique wedding gift or souvenir …

Open Long Summer Season
March ’til November
Summer … 9 am ’til 1 pm and 6 pm ’til 11 pm
Winter … 9 am ’til 5 pm

You’ll find them linked to The Aliathon Hotel, on Poseidonos Avenue, along the coastal road, Geriskipou, Kato Paphos … near Haagan Daz, next to the Wild Horse Pub … just hit get directions below 🙂

oh, and prepare to be excited !

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