Lara Bay, Akamas Peninsula

Gorgeous rocks

On Lara Bay
I’d wanted to check out the beautiful Lara Bay on the Akamas, ever since the awesome Jimmy of Jimmy’s Jeep Adventures took me there earlier this year . So I asked my able assistant Mimi to drive me there so I could chill and get some shots and vids …

No Adjectives
It’s hard to describe, but lets say stunning, to say the least, Lara Bay is about 1000 metres of golden sand, with a few pebbles here and there, check out the little collection of hand built rocks to the left of the bay …

Not that Far
It’s not too far into a dusty, rocky, bumpy road, just past Sea Rays Bar & Restaurant in St. George area, which from now on I’ll call the gateway to the Akamas Peninsula, and a little tip, it’s best attacked with a four wheel drive vehicle … a good 15 to 20 minutes off road, it’s desolate, quiet, tranquil, when we got there, there was only about 20 people on the beach, pure paradise …

As the whole area is national park, and a protected, there’s no changing rooms or fresh water showers, or umbrellas or beds but there was surprising a little restaurant up high to the left of the bay skirted by Palm Trees, we didn’t stop this time, maybe next time …

Turtle Hatching
Lara Bay, is of course the place where every year the wonderful Green Turtles and Caretta Caretta turtles come to lay there eggs during the summer months, from May ’til August and then about two months later, normally at midnight’ish the cute baby turtles hatch and flap their way down to the sea … along the beach you’ll find little patches of circular cages, protecting the turtles very fragile eggs, often about 80 eggs in each nest … apparently the turtles are over 15 years old, and then they only come every two or three years … but always, they come here, I love nature !!!

4 Wheel Drive
It does get a bit worrying driving without 4 wheel drive . We decide to pull over and park mid beach, stopping our little light saloon where it started to look too sandy to go further … The beach is golden, sandy but stony in places especially getting into the sea, and that was a bit murky, as it normally is when it’s wavy on the west coast, but I have to say it looked sandier and more calm further to the right … anyway, many saloons that past us without 4 wheel drive, ended up being towed out of the sand dunes … I reckon the locals must sit up high, watch you get stuck and take it in turns to earn a quick buck … good on them ha ha !

Stay Late
The sun sets into the sea like a big red doorknob right in front of you, so maybe stay late and watch it … if not stop off at Sea Rays on the way back for awesome munchies and regular entertainment …

By Boat
Of course you could attack this from the sea and jump on the magnificent Wave Dancer, from Paphos Harbour … Whichever you choose, naturally its takes a little effort to get to Lara Bay, but trust me its worth every minute !

Paradise in Paradise !

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