November 2020

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It’s November!
By now, I thought we would have come out of this sci-fi movie we were thrown into back in mid-march, ffs its turned into a series, but you still have to love November in Cyprus, as the long hard summer season is almost over, or is it?.  It’s been up in the mid-thirties all through October, and I just checked, it was still 28°C in the shade on 31st October, and I just gotta feeling we’re in for another Indian summer, so we’ll still be going Star Shaped down the beach, topping up the tan ‘til Christmas, but the evenings are cooler and tbh you’d best take a long sleeve out for the evenings …

Catch Up
For us residents, and seasonal workers, November also gives us a chance to strike up a few BBQ’s with good friends we haven’t seen for the past five months, coz we’ve all been trying to save Cyprus’ summer season since we came out of lock down in mid-May. Oh, and you all know I’m trying to keep you in the know about what’s on and I have a such passion for this amazing rock, and I’m loving sharing it with you!

It’s normally the season for exhibitions and festivals, and Christmas markets and lots of summer closing parties, a good excuse to clear all the stock, but we’ll miss Castle Club’s Halloween party, doubling up with their closing party, rumour has it they might open for a few events but to date I haven’t heard any more … With the current covid thing, we’ll probably, sadly, see less winter opening parties, but if you think Cyprus is dead in November, you should look again, coz the places that were brave enough to open have all in all survived, some very well, oh and several will stay open for the winter this year, even Los Bandidos Mexican will be staying open to give you all somewhere to go …

Strange but true
Sure it’s quieter than normal, as our clubs still haven’t opened, but in a way the reduction of tables at bars, cafés and restaurants, oh, and beach café’s and naturally, in most cases a booking is essential thing at the more popular places, but tbh it has made many places more intimate with likeminded people, so in a way it’s really nice … and, if I hear you say there’s nothing to do, I’ll put you on the next flight home

Third Age & Nomads
I’m loving a few initiatives that’s encouraging third age and nomads from northern Europe to do it in Cyprus over the winter months, sort of make good sense if you can afford it … much as you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little it’ll cost, check out our villas and apartments open throughout the winter … come to think of it you might as well get all the family together here for Christmas

Are you following?
Naturally, the places built for summer, were built for warmer nights … with loads of beach bars opening all along the coast over the past 5 or 6 years, a few just open in the daytime, some have already started renovating for next season, spending their hard-earned cash, lol but there’s lots of events and Things to Do everywhere, you just have to follow What’s On Cyprus, so hit up our Facebook page, daily, or check out our web site, choose a city and search ‘Beach Side’.

Its Wine Month!!!
November is a great month to go wine tasting and of course, it’ll give you an excuse to say it’s not too early for your first glass … and just in case you’re not in the know, Cyprus boasts some of the world’s finest wines, so you’re all in for a treat … oh and they’ve created several new Wine Tasting Routes and signposted them for you to follow, oh, and we’ve got one really good one called ‘Driving you to Drink’ written for What’s On by my good friend Stanna many years ago, and I’ve received loads of compliments over the years … time to stock up for Christmas?

Beaujolais Nouveau
The new fresh wine arrives in Cyprus on Thursday 19th November, I wonder which eaterie will be first to pour it in their glasses … My money is on O’Neill’s Irish Bar & Grill in Paphos! Hmm or Chester’s in Limassol?

Quite Bazaar
It’s the start of winter, so many of our bars swing towards the Cypriot market and the eating out scene goes right through to Christmas, and many local pubs, bars and community centres all over Cyprus, put on Bingo Nights, Quiz Nights, Horse Racing Nights, Live Music and events.  Plus Car boot sales, Christmas Bazaar’s and well you name it! Remember that this rock isn’t very big so you can jump in the car and get out and about.

Winter Destination
I’ve been here 29 years and watched Cyprus change sooo much, and I’m absolutely certain Cyprus is looking at ways to enhance our winter season, not just because we have the best weather in Europe and btw, in December we can ski in the Troodos Mountains in the morning and swim in the Med in the afternoon … oh, and on that note, Troodos is wonderful in the autumn … Some call it ‘Heaven’? ha! well, it’s almost high enough! … so, give one of our Safari Companies a call and you’ll see the real Cyprus!

Live Music
Many bars have live music in the winter months, something to warm your cockles … Why not catch Kendall Event’s who presents for one night only the awesome Tony Blues at Darcy’s in Paphos on 25th November …. Or Andrea Morelli’s Ratpack on November 13th at SeaRay’s on the gateway to the Akamas …

Now I’ve always said Cyprus is versatility to the extreme, so if you fancy a little bird spotting get in touch with Birdlife Cyprus as it’s migrating season and they usually have a Family Birdwatching Day at Athalassa Park in Nicosia.  I’m looking forward to getting up to the mountains this winter, might even try out Husky Sledding

Cultural Cyprus
A few years ago Paphos hosted the European Capital of Culture, and it’s really nice to see an increasing amounts aftershocks from it, so keep your eyes peeled or check here … btw, all large organized Bonfire nights are cancelled, so I hope some restaurants and bars have fireworks on the 5th … for a look at more cultural events go to the Cyprus Tourist Organisation’s site

Jazzy Sports
The 7th Jazz and World Music Showcase is over two days at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol on 27th & 28th November and and for the golfers, we have some of the finest Golf courses in Europe and the longest golfing seasons in the world.

The Hub
Winter wouldn’t be the same without popping down to Larnaca, which comes into its element and lives up to its reputation as the hub of Cyprus, venues like Savino Rock with acoustic nights more than they do in the summer and of course a visit to Larnaca’s Salt Lakes to catch awesome photo opportunities with the Flamingos, but there’s no rush, they’ll be here ’til spring!

Phew, it’s been a crazy season, to say the least, as many repeat visitors didn’t make it for the first time in 20 years … missing their second home, aka Paradise and apparently Cyprus celebrated the worst season ever, oh and remember, November is normally stormy season, oh well, only 30 to 35 days rain between now and May, I can handle that! … So don’t panic you’ll still get a tan or you’ll have to go get one sprayed on at many of our Hair & Beauty Salons and Spas

You tell us …
We love to receive your comments, ideas, events, and stories, so please keep them coming … and if you get anything from this network, please don’t forget to mention you saw it in What’s On! Oh, and if you think your business has something to shout about, why not tell us, and then we’ll tell them! …

One Word
It’s so easy to check who’s open, what to do, where to go, and What’s On … all you have to do is choose a city, and try a one-word search … and you’re three clicks away from a phone number

I’d just like to give a big shout out to all our members that help make this Network possible and all of you who follow us, and really finally, if I can give you one tip … Make sure you do at least one thing you’ve never done before!!!

Na dah bou’men
Tony Dynamou

Cover Photo: Sofia Zefka, by Demi Mertakka, at Fig Tree Bay, Cyprus

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