The Final Echo !


29th October 2016
A landmark, and rather sad occasion, at Kama Lifestyle Boutique Hotel, for more than one reason … Echo Rock Band, namely, Natalie and Graham were performing their final gig ever . Graham was off back to old blighty, guitar in hand and oh, boy, can he play guitar … Nat’s gonna stay here and concentrate on Daxi Group of companies that she works her socks off for . I’m sure she wont be able to resist picking up a mic occasionally …

Duchy Pete
Adding to the solemness was the sad news that we’d just lost the awesome vocalist ‘Duchy’ in a car accident in Paphos, and Peter was going be do a little bit tonight to say goodbye to this awesome band …

572 Gigs Later
The show must go on, I’m sure Duchy would have wanted that way . Everyone was there including Elena from Sirena Bay who gave Echo their first ever gig in Cyprus back in 2009 . Amazingly, 8 years and 572 gigs later you can honestly say that these two stars rocked many stages, leaving their echos all over Cyprus and one thing’s for sure, they did it their way … loud and proud !!!

Good Luck
Naturally we’d all like to wish you both good luck in the future and hope we get a comeback one day !!! Meanwhile I’m sure they still have a few copies of their CD … Give Nat a buzz if you want one !

The echoing has finished … fini .. fin !

Photos by Tony Dynamou
Kama Lifestyle Boutique

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