Carnivalé Ammochostos 2017

Passion Dance School, Paralimni

Only one way
It felt like 30°C … It’s Carnival season all over Cyprus, as it is in many parts of the world, depending on the religious calendar which of course is the day we all eat meat for the last time for 50 days, hmm no chance personally, because as from tomorrow Orthodox Christians start to fast for lent and well there’s only one way to  celebrate lighting the BBQ in Cyprus and that’s with a big party, and pretty much, everyone from the village goes …

Rio Style
Ammochostos’ party gets bigger and better every year, still chasing, Larnaca, Nicosia and the big boys in our Capital on Coast Limassol … I’m sure our European Capital of Culture put on the best parade this year in line with their being host for culture n’all … I have to give a big shout out to Elena Tofa and Passion Dance School, again looking Kings and Queens of the parade ! btw, the after parties are just awesome !

Meat Lovers
It must be noted, not everyone makes it the whole 49 days of Lent, still the butchers struggle a bit, the fishmongers do really well, so to the fruit n veg shops and I’m not certain but the tourist areas must be atheists ?  … so don’t worry you’ll still find a nice Black Angus somewhere …

Here’s a few shots from this year’s parade in Paralimni, Ammochostos …
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Photos by Tony Dynamou,
Paralimni, Ammochostos, Cyprus