Twins & Mermaids

Twins & Mermaids, The Mermaid Cruise, Protaras, thanks William and Ellie

The Twins
My brother Vic and my little world famous 5 year old niece and nephew, Ellie and William came to visit, my other brother’s little’n Lenny joined us.  Famed for hitting the news aged 9 months, swimming 25 meters on their own.  I’ll never forget watching them being pushed underwater by their Mum and Dad, a trick learnt in Cyprus’ wonderful sea, and amazingly automatically spinning around and popping up on their backs, big smiles as they swam kicking their toes, backstroke, 25 meters, just amazing !!!

I wondered ?
Guessing, the twins must really be Mermaids, I thought I’d test my theory and take them to swim with some real live Mermaids, Coral and Luna, who had been spotted near here, on the wonderful Mermaid Cruise in Protaras … Dad Victor seemed more excited then the twins, lol, and as we boarded the Aphrodite I, you could feel the sense of anticipation amongst the kids on board, and some of the mums too.

All good stories
Billy Bones and Tinkerbell were there too, telling the story about how, once upon a time, 😉 the Mermaids had been separated in a storm and recently found each other after years of separation, and my very good friend Captain Andreas, aka Kotzinis, had spotted them swimming at Blue Lagoon in Protaras … OMG !!! were we really going to see real live mermaids .. Hmm ?

Lost Necklaces
The treasure hunt with Pirate Billy Bones was a great way to pass the time, as Captain Andreas took us along the rugged coastline, skipping past delicious sandy bays, back to the spot in the wonderful Blue Lagoon, the twins joined in and the kids found the treasures and Coral and Luna’s necklaces to return them to the sisters, if they are there …

Electric !
As we got closer, everyone goes up front on the bow, the anticipation is electric, then as someone spots the Mermaids, omg! the sense of relief, it’s really happening, they are real!, the twins faces in awe, just a picture I’ll never forget …

Time to Swim
The crew drop anchor, and as the Mermaids dive in off the rocks, the kids get ready to swim with them and so do the mums, and some dads, hmm, and lets face it, that’s what fantasies are all about …

Way back
Coral and Luna even jump out for a few photos with the kids and leave them with memories that’ll last til they understand, whilst Captain Andreas took us to see Lovers Bridge and then cave hopping, so close we had to push him off the rocks … then Billy Bones gets all the kids dancing at the kids disco … how much fun, watching all the mums join in with the Macarena !

I just gotta say this trip is absolutely awesome for the kids and it’s worth every cent just to watch the kids faces as they really believe in real live Mermaids, hard to describe, hmm, its just brilliant !

The twins believe … do you ?

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To join The Mermaid Cruise take the first left at Waves Cocktail Bar, just after McDonald's on the one way strip in Protaras, you will see the jetty at the bottom of the road beside Yianna Marie Beach, there's ample parking.

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