Dog Friendly Beach, Kapparis

Thanks to the Mayor of Paralimni

On the Beach
I was invited by a good friend Andy Rollie and the Kapparis Dog friendly beach crew to check it out … this has been Roxy’s playground for 7 years and I wasn’t sure coz she can be a bit of a bitch at times but I took her down one afternoon and as usual she didn’t really wanna walk so I thought I’d trick her and surprise them and we clambered around the rocks …

I’m not sure the real name for this beach but I call it Sensations Beach coz that’s where the yearly festival was last held … it’s down past the Cove Bar, or just to the left of Firemans Beach and past the bay where the Scouts Training Camp is and over the rocks, there’s a road created now so you can drive there … anyway here’s a few shots of the beach and naturally if you’ve got a dog you’re all very welcome …

Mayors that care
Big thanks to the Mayor of Paralimni Municipality, Theodoros Pyrillis for thinking about our canine friends and their owners … must be a dog lover too 😉


Directions … See Map below …


It's just to the left of the scouts Training Camp and over the rocks, theres a road created to take you right there now