Intro to Cyprus


The mythological party playground of the Mediterranean

Cyprus is set deep into the south easterly basin of the med. It’s the third largest Greek island and the gateway to the east.  Even bigger then that, it could quite possibly be, the mountainous region of The Lost City of Atlantis … Can you imagine that?

It’s a democratic country
so you can choose to do almost anything you want here, and versatility is our speciality.  It changes from the nightlife in Ayia Napa and dreamlike beaches of Protaras, through cosmopolitan Larnaca, even more so Limassol or inland to the sophisticated Nicosia, our divided capital.  On through surreal mountain scenery in Troodos, down to Pafos for history in the present, extending up to the Akamas for pure tranquility, now tell me that’s not versatile and I’ll put you on the next flight home.

Island of the Gods
Anyway, we reckon you’ve chosen the right place to either visit or live, the latter being a massive growing trend! Cyprus is the Island of the Gods, it’s the mythological party playground of the Mediterranean, with a history dating back some 12,600 years to prove it, why else have just about every other Tom, Dick and Nation tried to conquer this wonderful rock?  It’s the best place in Europe, with the hottest weather, the finest sea, beautiful people, tantalising restaurants, delectable wines, the best in Europe, and on that subject, an almost 24 hour licensing and a nightlife that really kicks ass.

A few wild rides?
Don’t panic, you adrenaline freaks, we’ve even got some of the hottest, bungee jumping, skydiving, parascending, off-road motor bike safari, paint balling, go-karting, horse riding, water parks, kite surfing, scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, oh yes, and don’t forget the traditionally hospitable locals who’ll gladly give you a few wild rides? Hey! And that’s just for those of you that want to party.

There’s sun loungers, boat trips, sun loungers, water sports, sun loungers, golf courses, sun loungers, and ultimate mañana, the Greek for tomorrow is ‘avrion’, be warned! ….

Are you getting our drift?

Things to do
Alternatively, for those looking for relaxed leisure, there’s; cinemas, exhibitions, safaris, museums & archaeological sites, theatres, sea & coarse fishing, ten-pin bowling, crown green bowling, a bird park, spas, health clubs, beauticians galore, one of the world’s best tattooist and shopping in abundance. Crazy, but it really doesn’t bear thinking about!
And, you know, why we all live here? You can do it in sun shine, over 330 days a year! Yum!

So … get ready to slap on the factor 20, aka a bandage, get ready to chill out to the max, get ready to put on a few extra ounces, get ready to pump some adrenaline, get ready to drop all those inhibitions, get ready to parrrrrrty!

If it’s your first time here, you’re really very welcome; it’s a special place, with a unique recognisable smell and an amazing home from home feeling that keeps people coming back again and again, until eventually, you move here!

by Tony Dynamou & Mell