Jungle Float gets Floated

Jungle Float gets Floated for 2018, Golden Coast Harbour, Pernera

This is gonna be fun !
I’ve been waiting for this for ages, or seems like ages.  I got down to the harbour early and caught up with good mate Lloyd from MBS doing a refill, bet that Marley shifts.  I was there to see one of the most anticipated launches for 2018, the guys from G.K.H Marine Services had been granted the privilege to get The Jungle Float, floated, down to the Golden Coast Harbour.  Adding the last few touches, then the big yellow swinging arm for the Rope Swing, tightening the bolts then carefully reversed into the harbour and set to float in the bay until the final short trip to Protaras Bay tomorrow.  Hoping to get there …

I’m really looking forward to get on this !

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