WARNING … Silver- Cheeked Toadfish is very Toxic

Silver Cheeked Toadfish ... Highly Toxic

Warning Very Dangerous
I  just popped into Costas Chr. Kyriacou & Sons Fishing Shop on the bypass in Paralimni to get an Eye Fixed on my Fishing Rod and the guys showed me this … It is one of the nasty fishes that has arrived in our local waters since the opening of the Red Sea.

The warning is to not touch or definitely not eat this fish called a ‘Silver-Cheeked Toad-fish as it is highly poisonous and can cause Numbness of the face and Limbs, Headache, Stomach Pain, Diarrhoea, vomiting and breathing difficulties which could be critical …

There are no known antidotes for Tetrodototoxin and immediate help from a hospital is required …

For more info read this article from The Times Newspaper
or call the fishing shop on  Tel: 0035723744145

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