April 2021

Summer's here it's time to eat, drink and be merry outside ...

Crazy World
Hmm … as I sit here after one crazy year, facing the second April 1st Bank Holiday at home much as I’m thinking we’re finally seeing an about turn and we should just go back to last April and press restart!  Today we saw some more restrictions regarding the hospitality world change for the better with restaurants, bars and cafes opening, with outside seating only … much as a covered area with two open sides seems acceptable and the ridiculous ‘No uplifting music’ just in case we start to dance’ rule was uplifted, excuse the pun … oh btw, here’s a first,; Los Bandidos Mexican Restaurant stayed open for the first time this winter …

Anyway, it’s still a tad cold to sit outside in the evenings but those tall gas heaters do the job and fortunately this is Cyprus, so chances are during the day it’ll be sunny and it’s officially the start of summer … I just want to wish a huge good luck to my good friend Marios of Minos Bar fame, restoring the building to immaculate detail, opening Centro Storico the new classic cafe, restaurant in the square on Monday 5th …

We’ve also opened our airports to tourism with a few restrictions and variables depending on the country from where you reside, but it’s a start and that only means things are getting better … tbh I believe Cyprus will have a good year, firstly because we are up there in the top 5 countries on the way we handled the covid ‘pandemic’, well after all it’s a Greek word so we should know how to handle it … and secondly, because with over 20 million Europeans normally travelling to Spain, Portugal and Italy I imagine a few of them will opt to come to paradise instead …

Book Now
If you booked a holiday here this year, and it gets cancelled, just rebook it coz I reckon we’ll have even more restrictions sorted out in Cyprus by the end of April coz our Government are well on the ball, and by the end of May, I predict everywhere else will be cool, if not close … ho hum, here comes summer!

Normally …
I’d normally be saying it’s April, my favourite month, mainly because the clocks went forward on Sunday 28th March, already noticing the longer days, marking the first day of summer, and because the fields are still really green, there’s blossom everywhere and tbh, I think we had quite a mild winter, so maybe we’ll get a few showers this month, then it probably won’t rain again ‘til October! Mmm! … Oh, and it’s usually opening Parrrrty season!!! The ones I know for sure are Titanic Bar, Hollywood’s, and Igloo joining the already opened Encore in Napa on the first weekend.

Happy Bunnies
One thing we can’t change is Christian Easter on Sunday 4th and Greek Orthodox Easter 4 weeks later on Sunday 2nd May, which also marks the end of 49 days of Lent, much as Green Monday didn’t really happen last month.  Easter is of course the day we would all normally go crazy, lighting bonfires and BBQ’s, the aromas of barbecued Lamb just mouth-watering … many places are holding events for our Christian residents.

It’s the biggest religious event on the Greek Orthodox calendar and with all intents and purposes we’d have been looking at three weeks of celebrations, leading up to Easter Sunday and of course normally, the ‘not to be missed’ midnight mass congregations in Churches all over Cyprus … I reckon they’ll happen this year so if you’ve never experienced this event you really must go …

Hot, Hot, Hot!
The temperatures in April reach around the 23°C to 30°C or 76°F to 90°F in English, so if you’re trying to top up the tan, there’s no better place in Europe, coz as usual we’ve got the best weather, blended with over 20 of the finest beaches in Europe, which you don’t have to wear masks on and as the Cypriots don’t normally swim in the sea ‘til June it’ll still be quiet 😉

Is it summer yet?
Talking about beaches, you know Ayia Napa and Protaras boast 1st and 3rd places for best beaches in Europe to top up the tan, by Trip Advisor and with the nicest sea I’ve ever had the pleasure to swim in, however licensing hours are all day, not too good for the tan and currently we’ve gotta be home by 11 pm or we’ll catch covid, still can’t get my head around that one … and if only they let our clubs open soon it’ll feel a bit more like summer!

On the Med
When tourists start arriving I’ll be expecting a few boat cruises to launch this month, I’ve been chatting to them and currently that’s on hold, but you never know they might make it by the end of April and we’ll see Wave Dancer up in Paphos and Nemo Semi Sub, Black Pearl, Yellow Submarine and The Lazy Day Cruise, oh and Fantasy Boat Party in Napa all set sail … and lets not forget the amazing Mermaid Cruise off the jetty, in Protaras

Easter on the Coast
Driving around it’s evident businesses are getting ready to open in time for the influx of Easter visitors from all over the world and in fact our nationals who’ll normally leave their villages and the Capital to come down to the coast, to light their barbies and maybe dip their toes into the sea, ha ha, remember not until June … oh, and quite a few of our recommended eateries are launching new menus this year!  Some are still providing a takeaway and delivery service for those ‘I don’t wanna cook every day’ moments

Out & About
When things settle down a bit and we’re allowed out a bit more, why not discover the real Cyprus, with Jimmy’s Jeep Adventures on the west coast, Sayious Adventure Park in Asgata, Limassol and Trackers Excursions over on the east coast, all coming into their element at this time of the year.  On that note, go and check out the new babies at The Camel Park at Mazatos or Paphos Zoo, and make sure you catch the Bird Flying Display, with occasional jaw dropping surprises, it’s awesome !

The entertainment scene is slowly picking up with Kendall Events bringing back my very good friend Leon ‘The Rag ‘n ‘ Bone Man for one night only live at Bonamare Beach in Timi on Saturday 17th April … and Mid Life Crises doing a few gigs in the Pafos area … Sadly I had a chat to Drew and Savino Live in Larnaca, with live rock bands every weekend which will be put on hold ‘til September, meanwhile Savino Rock Bar is still rocking out back … and the Koursaros Music Bar in Protaras are waiting to announce a few gigs … Check out some of their videos on our YouTube Channel …

What’s On
We’re now in our 9th year as an on line guide to Cyprus based on our original magazine, from way back in 1999 and the Network is growing daily. It’s now on 6 major social media apps with the new App on its way and to my knowledge it’s the only dynamic App on Cyprus, so get ready to download it free and give us a rating, 5 Star of course … coz you’re gonna love it.

Web Site
Meanwhile our responsive web site fits nicely onto your phone, tablet or PC and is one word searchable. It’s over 1,600 pages and 25,000 photos and videos and I’m loving Cyprus, and my job, and btw, I’ve been here doing much the same thing for 29 Years, and I promise I’m gonna make this the best guide to Cyprus!

More …
Check out our Facebook page for the day by day events and interesting post shares. You can also follow us on, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up to date with what’s On Cyprus! and keep your eyes open for me and my camera.

Remember this rock has a 12,600 year history and it’s the Island of our Goddess Aphrodite, where sun, sea, sex and selfies are all part of the norm, well, what else would you expect? You don’t think that all those Greek God’s came here for nothing, do you?

Living Here
As the majority of our readers are living in Cyprus, you’ll already know why I think its Paradise and of course it’s one of the best and safest places in the world to live, with the best climate, and that once this shite is all over the Cypriots will just click their fingers and get back to normal and if that happens in April there’s gonna be one big street party! … oh, and just in case you were thinking about moving here, it’s a great time to invest in Cyprus!

I also have to mention at the time of writing sadly we’ve lost 250 people to this shitty virus, the average age 84 with an underlying problem, so all I can say is I’m glad our Government hasn’t exaggerated the figures, and on that note, the figures just don’t add up in many other countries, so something, somewhere is very wrong!!! Lets hope they’ll put it right soon …

Really Finally
So, to finish off as usual, if I can give you one tip, make sure you do something you’ve never done before! … At least once!

Na da bou men !
Tony Dynamou

Cover photo by Tony Dynamou, Summer’s here, time to eat and drink outside

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