Soho’s Soft Opening Party, Ayia Napa

Club Soho's Soft Opening, Ayia Napa, Friday 19th April 2019

First Night Out
Geo hadn’t been out on the town yet this year, so, as it was Soho’s Clubs’ Soft Opening Party, I said to her, “it’ll be rude not to go” … we arranged to meet up with my good friend Zilly, that’s the guy with the Top Hat, at Kalhua Bar on the strip … On our way down we stopped off at Igloo to say a quick hi to the guys.  Zilly was waiting for us at Kalhua, already on the Absinth, omg! … Scott was playing ‘Piggy Front’ behind the bar, some kind of new cock tale? … Geo couldn’t resist a little dance on the pole, force of habit lol … Andria was trying on hats and so was Geo … Across the road, Pirates was buzzing as always and you could feel Napa was coming alive for 2019 …

We decided to go walkabouts … Soho looked ready, laters, and we stopped off for a quick puff at Titanic … then a quick catch up with Marshall at The Castle Bar … in full flow, and off to catch up with my good mate Alex heading up the newest bar on the strip Bronx … The street art shutters were down and who knows what was going on behind closed doors? … More on that soon 😉

Show Time
It was Soho time and we made our way to the soft opening … upstairs chill-out zone only tonight … and omg ! they were in party mode … typically my battery ran out so quick top up in the car … and caught a girl beating up her bloke lol soooo funny, Geo thought it was the other way round at first … Quick stop off at Bedrock Inn in Silent Disco Mode … and off for the last one at Carwash, as you do, Nick the Barman on the spot as always …

Eye Candy
The eminent DJ Trevor Moore was on the decks, MC Kenzie on the Mic and it wasn’t long before the girls were on the bar with Geo, of course … The highlight of the night was seeing Geo and Kenzie leading The Candy Dance, just like the old days lol … it was quiet but the whole place was in sync …

Can’t help but love the buzz down here!