Aqua Angels Doing it Again !!!!

A night out with the Aqua Angels, btw that's Scot on the Pole at Kahlua omg!!!

Angels or not?
Cobra invited me to catch up with The Aqua Angels on their dance circuit around Napa … I parked down the bottom of Bar Street coz I knew that’s where I’d end up … It was almost 2 am, Froggies were still partying, as usual, and they were already queuing outside Carwash … I see the Rope Ladder guys are back, I gotta give that a go one day, looks easy!

Scot on the Pole
We met at Kaluha Bar in Bar Street, Scotty was giving Geo some lessons on the pole lol and then the girls hopped into the Birdcage, Cobra, Tyler, and Georgia making sure that tonights gonna be a good night and Georgia and Hannah selling tickets for tonight’s After Party, and it was her turn to dance at Bedrock Inn, so up she went …

Part 2
next stop was Bronx, just love this bar, they treated the girls to a little Alcohol Mist … and then I Picked up Zilly, he’s the one with the top hatΒ  who had been waiting patiently for me so I took him to introduce him to Alex at Bronx, coz they are both from Germany … Next stop was Aqua for the after party … and on my way home I got dragged into Carwash for one … or two … as you do πŸ˜‰

The Aqua Angels were nowhere near Angels πŸ˜‰