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Romany Tarot, Ayia Napa, Established 1986

First Time
I’ve recently had my first ever Tarot card reading, by my very good friend Jackie, aka Romany Tarot, who was taking a break from the UK, staying at my place … I watched her do a few of her daily and Astrological readings, and curiosity got the better of me, must be my Leo influence, and I’m not sure what made me ask her to give me a reading, as I must say I’m a little sceptical about this mystical stuff, if not a tad scared … but tbh, I was very, pleasantly surprised!

Jackie started by first drawing a few cards from The Quantum Oracle Deck, to detect my overall energy … then choosing her favourite Tarot deck, namely the Arcanum Tarot, Jackie started to place some cards on the table to look at my past energies, my current energies, and my future energies … Romany also told me that this layout varies for each person …

It was quite an accurate reading as Romany told me in the past I had a relationship, that was held together for no particular reason but a refusal to change my behaviour led the relationship to end … She got that right! … and then an interesting perception; a new person in my life, someone infatuated with me, a relationship slow in the making, with very little communication at the mo, and this person is not emotionally stable and they don’t know what they want, maybe someone that I can’t afford, that sounds about right haha, possibly a bad Karma? and it probably won’t last … lol … who cares, I like being single! … oh, and she perceived that I had a bright future, I’m really happy with that!

Jackie explained it’s sometimes difficult to say what she sees, but she feels she has to … explaining that everyone reads into her insights and perceptions differently, piecing past, present and future activities in their life, with those that might happen or they wish would happen … so as a professional, she excellently portrays the cards she pulls for you explaining exactly what she sees and leaving you to finish the jigsaw puzzle of life.

I delved deeper; Jackie explained: “I have about 30 different Tarot Decks so if you specifically want to know about your love life, she would then invite you to pull one card from the Romance Angels along with The Rider Waite or The Quantum Oracle to find an overall present energy of the reading and then use her chosen Tarot Card Deck to build on the energies and circumstances of that reading”

Romany explained; “There are so many different Tarot Decks, and there is no rule book or filling system, but for example, one of her favourites for the younger clients is called The Light Seer’s Tarot, as it’s aimed at youth, very colourful and vibrant images and descriptions” … saying “when I come back to Cyprus in May I’ll bring all my different decks with me!”

Jackie loves to use The Rider-Waite Tarot, because she is drawn to that deck, saying “it gives her more insight, explaining it’s the deck that speaks to her best” … hmm, all I can say is from the comments I’ve heard from our friends, and her experience, knowledge, and intuition, combining, Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology together offers you an opportunity to help you see your past, present, and future a little clearer, and a reading with her is highly recommended!

Every day Jackie does her daily energy vibe on her Facebook Page, from The Quantum Oracle Deck, plus she has her Astrological Readings every month for each of the 12 Astrological Signs so you can follow her there or on Instagram

Open all year
Daily: 10 am ’til 8 pm

Romany welcomes inquiries for personal one-to-one readings at your place or hers or using the wonders of technology via Facetime if you can’t arrange a personal meeting … currently Romany has gone back to Chelmsford UK and is aiming to return in May … but with the wonders of technology, you can get a private reading on line …

Highly recommended!

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