December 2020

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What happened?
It’s December already, that went quick, and what a year!  Mine started the best ever, then went pear-shaped in March as we were all thrown into some sort of Sci-fi movie that seems to have turned into a daily horror soap opera … somehow, I was convinced it’ll have all blown over by August, that’s the eternal optimist in me, much as time went on these past 9 months I have tried to keep you up dated in what’s on and, more than occasionally, what’s off, as one event after another had to cancel, making my job extra difficult and life in Cyprus, very weird!

To be honest, What’s On smashed many records during lockdown with everyone at home, on their phones, with time on their hands, finding What’s On Cyprus. Around the same time, I started doing these little live videos on Facebook, much loved by many of our followers and set to continue. So, as we enter December, without a doubt one of my favourite months, if not for all the crazy and stunning sunsets as our cover shot shows, oh and, for those invigorating walks along stormy coastlines taking in natural Iodine, good for the immune system btw 😉

Cyprus of course doing a sterling job with the pandemic, coz we locked down early and slowed it down and bought 5 tons of that Hydroxychloroquine that seems to be doing its job … us Greeks are on the ball?  Rumour has it many people wanna move here because of it. Unfortunately at the moment we seem to be adding restrictions, lockdown, road blocks, and bars gotta shut by 7 pm, but many eateries will keep doing takeaway and delivery after curfew and currently curfew’s from 9 pm ‘til 5 am, which is hard work coz we don’t normally go out in Napa ‘til 11.30 pm and we get home about 5 am … Cyprus Whatanightmare!, btw I printed the shirt lol oh, and that’s for the next 14 days minimum …

Live in Hope
I hope that everything goes well and we can have a more relaxed run up to the new year coz it seems we’ll be allowed to stay up ‘til 2 am on NYE, lol my son Alex said, “I used to get home later than that when I was fifteen” … Anyway as I was saying; It’s December, I love it, mainly because it’s Christmas and of course I’ve been a really good boy and that means Santa will bring me lots of prezzies … but mostly coz by the middle to the end of December, we can go Husky Sledding or skiing in the Troodos mountains in the morning and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea in the afternoon, and that’s what I call paradise

Christmas Tans
The weather forecast is looking good, much as we are in rainy season, btw, that’s only 35 days rain a year, and we need it, but the days that are sunny will reach up around 25°C so you can still get a tan … so, our predictions of having an Indian summer were right and we’ll probably still be down the beach ‘til Christmas … but remember when that sun goes down by 4.30 pm it gets chilly, I think it’s time to get the quilt out?

Party Time
Let’s not forget, it’s time for work’s parties, warm up for Christmas Parties, Christmas parties, New Year parties and lots of Christmas markets, festivals of course have been cancelled, but there’s still live music, Bingo, Karaoke and the places that have stayed open deserve every accolade they can get and we really should give our local businesses our full support, and naturally we’ll all be getting together with family and friends, to eat too much, and probably drink too much.

Open Fires
Why not visit one of our fine harbours, in every major coastal city, with a few boat trips and fishing trips and friendly fish taverns that’ll even cook your catch for you. There’s enough bars open to get sloshed in and even more restaurants, especially in the villages, providing that home from home feeling around an open fire, maybe a little live music, but remember Cypriots live for the table, so be warned, in the festive season you’ll probably put on a few kilos

Winter Season
Everyone is finally discovering that Cyprus has the best climate in the world, so normally more and more visitors are coming in the winter months, including an ever-increasing number of sports teams, making the most of their ‘out of season’ retreat from the winter snow and naturally makes sense! … I think they’ll probably still come

Into Hashing?
It’s a great time to see Cyprus on foot, so if you are into walking, check out one of our many Hash House Harriers or Cyprus Walks at

We’ve always called it the hub of Cyprus, there’s a delectable promenade, lined with tall palm trees, and there’s lots to do for kids and grown ups. Perfect shopping in Ermou Street, all the ladies probably end up at Brouska. Why not check out one of the delightful cafes in old market, Stories and Coffee Shop 29 two of my favs or the awesome Savino Rock Bar or a little bit of Jazz at The Blue Pine or Hugga by The Sea, pop down to get a selfie with the Flamingos nestled in the Salt Lake for the winter.

Our Capital on the coast, a little more cosmopolitan, coming out of a total lockdown, boasting a beautiful new marina and lots of old renovated buildings that have become even more styli bars, cosy eateries and a cultural shopper’s paradise and right in the heart of the city, in the Carob Mills and Castle area of old town, it’s a delight by day or night …

The Capital
Nicosia, also comes into its element in the winter as over 250,000 population stay near home … a massive selection bars, pubs, style cafes and eateries of every cuisine imaginable, and of course the best Christmas shopping in Cyprus!

As always Paphos maintains a year-round lifestyle, coz there’s almost 100,000 residents a few holiday makers and normally, many long stay winter visitors.  I hope the wonderful Pafos Zoo can open soon.  There’s live music in several bars including New Horizon, O’Neills and The Railway Inn providing entertainment … Karen Kendall of Kendall Events present music from the Stax of Souls era, the precursor to Motown.  Mixed in with some of the best chilled and rockin’ blues music featuring songs from amazing artists and bands including: Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, The Commitments, The Blues Brothers, Sam & Dave, Arthur Conley, Van Morrison and many more!  A night of great music, chat, laughter and plenty of memories! on Thursday 10th December at Darcy’s Restaurant & Lounge Bar. If you fancy 4 Wheel Drive adventures check out Jimmy’s Jeep Adventures, loads of fun. There’s plenty of Christmas shopping from the Old Town down to the new Mall.

Protaras & Paralimni
The tourism side of Protaras pretty much closes down baring one or two bars and a few restaurants especially in the Pernera Area where Tipsy Turtle and Blue Spice will be hosting seasonal events. Paralimni of course is the live-in village of the area and there’s plenty to do there too … Shopping of course come into its element, everything from Puss in Boots kids shoes to London Clothing Company or The Melekkis Centre boasting one of Cyprus’ leading jewellers plus fashion for men, women and kids.

Time to Dive
Why not learn to Scuba Dive, as Cyprus has one of the longest Diving seasons in the world with the water temperature rarely drops below 15°C and the dive schools can spend a little more time with you individually, it’s a great opportunity to get your Open Water Course qualification … we have top diving schools in our Adventure Sports section

You know, I have a passion for Cyprus, photography and creative writing, put them all together and you get What’s On Cyprus … I love my job; and I’m still doing exactly what I came here to do in 1993.  These days of course, it’s all on-line, on 7 major social media apps, so, we can help you find out what’s on, where it’s on, when it’s on, what to do with the kids and where to go shopping and of course what to buy me for Christmas …

The Site
The web site is looking wicked with well over 1,600 Pages of info, boasting way over 25,000 photos and videos, which btw is almost 50 gigs of info and archives collected in my past 28 years in Cyprus … I’m loving the one-word search facility, it’s fun and the site’s growing daily so please save it as a fav … although some of our recommendations are closed for the Winter there’s still things to do to pass away times of leisure and pleasure, so don’t let me hear anyone say there’s nowhere to go or nothing to do just try a one word search

We are officially the Number 1 Tour Guide and News & Entertainment Blog on Facebook so there’s more people engaged or talking about us.  You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest … btw we love to receive your comments, ideas, events, and stories, so please keep them coming … for more cultural and seasonal events go to … And please don’t forget to tell them you saw it in What’s On !

Just a thought
Many of you probably know I favour the opinion of many doctors and scientist that believe we should get on with life, take more care of our health, look after the vulnerable, increase vitamin C, D and Zinc, no lockdowns, no masks, no social distancing and stop falsifying figures and keep looking for ways to eradicate it. Their argument is we lose less people from Covid than we do from many other viruses that have not demanded lockdowns but hey I’m no expert … but I believe they are!

I’d just like to give a big seasons greetings to all our friends, family, but of course our members who help make this Network possible … Oh, If you’re in business and you think you’ve got something to shout about, why not call Tony for an info pack, Tel: 0035799627791 or e-mail us on

And really finally
if I can give you one tip for December … Make sure you do at least one thing you’ve never done before!
Na da boumen !
Tony Dynamou

Photo by Tony Dynamou, November Sunsets, Ayia Napa 

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