22.2 C
Ayia Napa
Thursday, June 1, 2023

September 2022

As many of you know September really is my favourite month … Those long hot, balmy, days and sticky nights, turn into not quite so hot days, with breezy cooler evenings, much as the temperatures will remain in the 30°C’s, in the shade, that’s well over 90°F in English.  However, the cold water still won't be cold enough, but at least we can start sleeping without the aircon on!

August 2021

Don’t forget it’s school holiday’s so loads of little’ns around too, and it’s too hot to do much except chill, but there’s so much to do and so little time, hmm ? … try searching ‘Kids & Grown Ups on our website … but let’s start you off with a visit to Ocean Aquarium Park in Protaras for a lovely day out with the kids … 

June 2020

The current Covid Crises has hit us all hard, throwing us into a sci-fi film set back in March, we’re now on 'Take 82', and tbh, I think the Cyprus Government got it right … They reacted very quickly, rumour has it from a little inside tip from one of our Chinese investors … They attacked the pandemic with the only possible solution, ‘To Slow it Down’ … then using experts in Epidemiology they mathematically calculated when things would get back to normal’ish … and we’ve lifted restrictions in travel, no more SMS messages to go out, no more curfew, we’re allowed to swim in the sea and top up the tan after, and the restaurants and bars are opening and it seems people are getting together with friends, so please pop out and give these guys some support, they need it most now!!!

July 2019

... of course it's peak season, it’s hot, the temperature will reach over 40°C by mid-July, even the cold water isn't really cold enough, sunrise is about 5.30 am and it’s not getting dark 'til almost 8.30 pm, there's UV paint parties, beach parties, foam parties and pool parties all over the place, and the 70 day club war is well and truly underway, with some massive names coming to spin their mix.

February 2018

Starting on the 8th and culminating on the 19th with Green Monday and there’s Rio Style Carnival parades in all the big cities on Sunday 18th, Limassol leading the way with the biggest, but they’re even putting on a good show in Ammochostos these days, Larnaca brilliant, The Capital Nicosia spectacular and this years carnival in Paphos is gonna be special, oh and of course Spring is in the air, the blossoms are out, aromas everywhere and everything is sooooo green … I just love it !

January 2018

Winter also gives all our seasonal workaholics the chance to chill a bit, catch up with friends, light a few barbies on lovely fresh sunny days, or gather round an open fire on chilly nights, crack the ice for a Bailey’s and catch up with the years events.  As usual, we went from summer to winter in just a few days, omg ! it's cold at night, I even had to put the duvet on in December, unheard of !