April 2022

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Summer’s Here!
It’s April my favourite month, mostly because the clocks went forward on March 28th so that means summer is well and truly here and because the fields are still really green, there’s blossom everywhere.  Mind you, we’ve just gone through the coldest winter in 42 years in Cyprus, I actually scraped frost off the roof of our car this year and I’m sure we had more rain than last year, much as we say that every year, but with the predictions that temperatures will surpass 28°C in the first week in April, I’m off to the beach for my first swim and of course to top up the tan!

5 Bank Holidays
We kick off the month as always on April 1st with a Bank Holiday as it’s Cyprus National Day and at last we’re seeing some restrictions being lifted throughout Europe regarding the hospitality world, including Cyprus, so I’m expecting many more restaurants, bars and cafes opening, with outside seating coming into its element as the warmer evenings approach and those tall gas heaters will always help on those chilly ones.

We’ll finish off the month with Orthodox Easter Good Friday falling on the 22nd, Easter Sunday on 24th and Easter Monday on 25th, followed by an extra bank holiday on the Tuesday 26th aka Megali Triti or big Tuesday because Easter is the biggest celebration on the Orthodox calendar and I’m expecting the locals to celebrate bigger and better than the last two years, so if you’ve never experienced Easter in Cyprus put it on your tick list it’s an absolutely fabulous time of the year!

Happy BBQ Bunnies
Easter Sunday also marks the end of 49 days of Lent, much as Green Monday was quite low key this year and of course Easter is the day we all normally go crazy, lighting bonfires and BBQ’s, the aromas of barbecued Lamb just mouth-watering … oh and, the ‘not to be missed’ midnight mass congregations in Churches all over Cyprus … I reckon they’ll happen this year so if you’ve never experienced this event you really must go.

World’s Gone Crazy
This crazy science fiction film they threw us into two years ago has turned into a series, and as we enter our third season, episode one, Cyprus is gearing up for what looks like it’ll be a busy season.  I’ve had hundreds of readers message me and say, nothing will keep them away from their second home this year.

Opening Parties
April on the coast is usually opening party season!!!  The ones I know for sure are Titanic Bar, Hollywood’s and Igloo joining the already opened Encore in Napa last weekend.

Hot, Hot, Hot!
The temperatures in April reach around the 23°C to 30°C or 76°F to 90°F in English, so if you’re trying to top up the tan, there’s no better place in Europe, coz as usual we’ve got the best weather, blended with over 20 of the finest beaches in Europe and as the Cypriots don’t normally swim in the sea ‘til June it’ll still be quiet 😉

On the Beach
Talking about beaches; you know Ayia Napa and Protaras boast 1st and 3rd places for best beaches in Europe, respectively, by Trip Advisor and with the nicest sea I’ve ever had the pleasure to swim in, but licensing hours currently ‘til morning, not too good for the tan.

On the Med
If we get some tourists in I’ll be expecting a few boat cruises to launch this month, I’ve been chatting to them and currently that’s on hold, but you never know they might make it by the end of April and we’ll see Wave Dancer up in Paphos, Aphrodite I and The Dolphin Semi Sub and Cornelia Luxury Yacht in Protaras and Black Pearl, Nemo Sub and Yellow Submarine in Napa all setting sail.

Getting Ready
Driving around its evident businesses are getting ready to open in time for the influx of Easter visitors from all over the world and in fact our nationals who’ll normally leave their villages and the Capital to come down to the coast, to light their barbies and maybe dip their toes into the sea, ha ha, remember most of them don’t swim until June … oh, and quite a few of our recommended eateries are launching new menus this year!  Some are still providing a takeaway and delivery service for those ‘I don’t wanna cook every day’ moments

Out & About
Why not discover the real Cyprus, with Jimmy’s Jeep Adventures on the west coast and Trackers Excursions over on the east coast, all coming into their element at this time of the year and on that note, go and check out the new babies at The Camel Park at Mazatos or baby tigers at Paphos Zoo and make sure you catch the Bird Flying Display, with occasional jaw dropping surprises, it’s awesome! Oh and The Tombs of The Kings is a wonderful insight to Cyprus, so pop up and finish of in Karlina Taverna opposite the entrance, and say hi to king Harry for me.

The entertainment scene is slowly picking up with Kendall Events bringing an awesome tribute to The Beautiful South and The Hose Martins for a mini tour of 4 nights and Mid Life Crises doing a gig up at one of my favourite finds ‘Darcy’s’  in the Pafos area … Savino Live of course leading the way in live music events down in Larnaca with one of my favourite bands ‘Speak In Whispers’ on live on stage on Saturday 2nd and the ever popular Minus One on Easter Sunday, btw touring in 3 cities this month.  I spoke to Chris of Lithos Rock Band who are busy rehearsing and expecting to do a couple of gigs in April, oh and by the way you’ll find a few of all of their videos on our YouTube channel

A Decade
What’s on is now in it’s 10th year as an on line guide to Cyprus, based on our original published magazine and the Network is growing daily and you can follow us on any 6 of your favourite social media Apps.  Oh and if you like what we do, please recommend a friend to like us, it’ll help us loads to keep this going another ten years!

Web Site
Our responsive, dynamic web site is the heart of the network and it fits nicely onto your phone, tablet or PC and is one word searchable.  It’s over 1,800 pages and more than 25,000 photos and videos and I’m loving Cyprus and my job, and btw, I’ve been here doing much the same thing for 30 years now, and I reckon it’s the best guide to Cyprus!

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Remember this place has a 12,600 year history and it’s the Island of our Goddess Aphrodite, where sun, sea, sex and selfies are all part of the norm, well, what else would you expect?  You don’t think that all those Greek God’s came here for nothing, do you?

Living Here
As the many of our readers are living in Cyprus, you’ll already know why I think its paradise and of course it’s one of the best and safest places in the world to live, with the best climate in the world and as usual the Cypriots are ready and waiting to provide all of you with that world famous traditional Cypriot hospitality oh, and just in case you were thinking about moving here, it’s an excellent time to invest in Cyprus!

So, to finish off as usual, if I can give you one tip for April, make sure you do something you’ve never done before! … At least once!
Na da boumen!
Tony Dynamou

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