Olives Seafood & Sushi Restaurant, Larnaca

Olives Seafood & Sushi Restaurant, Larnaca, Established 2021

Cool Find
One of my favourite finds this year, ‘Olives’ is typically Cypriot by name, but this eatery specialise in Seafood and Sushi, and it leans towards Chinese and Japanese and the  menu is of the highest order, to say the least! … What I really liked, they serve Sushi in Pieces of 4, not 8 so that you can choose a larger variety and just wait ’til you see their extensive menu …

I had to go and meet the owner Nicola, originally from Lebanon, ‘Olives’ is his fifth restaurant, the original four in Sashimi, Beirut, already well established.  I asked him why ‘Olives’ and he said, “we wanted to pick a name synonymous with Cyprus” …  When I asked ‘Why Cyprus’? he said; I visited Cyprus many times since I opened my first restaurant 13 years ago, at the young age of 21 and love this country and really wanted to open a business here”

Coming up to their first anniversary in Cyprus I asked Nicola to tell me about the Menu … Nicola said; “We sort of split it into three cuisines, Fresh Fish, Fresh Sushi, and Vegan Platters & Snacks … Our head chef ‘Cosmin’ has been with us since day one, his qualifications and previous experience in Cyprus, the very best Sushi eateries, including Sushi La and Wagamama, and he’s influenced our choices on the menu” … I was more than suitably impressed!

Just for Starters
They all look delicious, and some quite original, Edamame, are steamed soybeans, the Spring Rolls are perfect, Avocado on Toast and the Fried Calamari my favourites, the Fried Shrimp Tempura, The Shrimp Dynamite sounds delicious, so too the Seafood Soup.  On m second visit I tried the Salmon Tacos, very novel, and The Salmon Nachos a blend of Tex Mex Sushi …. Brilliant!

I have to say the Crazy Crab Salad is on my must-try list, the Poke Salad is one of their top sellers, so too the Crab Noodles Salad.  They also serve a lovely crispy Caesar’s Salad

Fresh Fish
It really depends on today’s catch from the local fishermen but generally includes; Freshly Grilled Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Fresh Salmo.  I’ve also tried, The Grilled Octopus is very special served in the pan still sizzling, with the essence of white wine, and the Marinated Mussels are a must and of course The Fresh Grilled King Prawns.

Main Dishes
The variety of main courses is extreme, the ones that caught my eye are the Noodles Veggie, a blend of carrots, cabbage, zucchini, mushroom and bell pepper … the Grilled Chicken Breast, Pork Chops, and Grilled Salmon, or the Chicken or Shrimp Sweet & Sour.  I love the ‘Rainbow Meat’ tender fillet steak grilled to you’re liking!

Specialising in absolutely the freshest selection of Sushi, including of course Sashimi & Nigiri, the Sashimi Salmon on Ice looks irresistible, but their selection really is a taste bud explosion … and don’t forget, only 4 pieces per set, so you can order a bigger variety … and click here to see how they Roll

I just love the Mini Set, 16 pieces, crazy crispy crab, salmon wrap, mango salmon, or for more go for the more popular, Small, 24 pieces, Medium of 28 pieces, or Large sets of 32 pieces …

I just loved this idea especially if there’s a group of you or you’re throwing a party … The ‘Little Buddha’ a selection of 44 Maki, 6 Sashimi, 3 Hoso Maki, and 5 Futu Maki, a total of 63 pieces … The ‘Big Party Boat’ presents 85 pieces of the same ideas and the ‘I Love Sushi’ is 58 pieces … all will look really good on the buffet!

You’ll be in your element, and you must try their very special Avocado on Toast, Nicola told me “we’ve been working on the flavours and we think we’ve perfected it and we serve it on a warmed slate”!

There’s a few signature dishes you won’t find elsewhere that are definitely on my must-try list including; The Salmon Nachos, The Salmon & Shrimp Tacos, The Sushi Burrito, and The Poke Bowl Salad … I asked Nicola how come they decided to add Crispy Shells to the Sushi menu … He said “I love anything ‘crispy’ and one night our chef served me them with a salmon mixture inside, and we both really enjoyed them, so we added them to the menu”.

You can choose to Dine In, get a Takeaway, or Delivery using Foody or Wolt Food Delivery … Click here for their Full Menu … or scan in the QR Code below …

Many of their clients often just pop in for a drink, and a game of chess, serving everything from the best 100% Freshly squeezed Orange Juice you’ll ever taste or their signature Homemade Lemonade … Bottled beers include Keo, Carlsberg and Corona, chilled of course … Naturally, a Japanese meal isn’t the same without a shot or two of Saki …

In less than a year they already have some lovely reviews … Click here for a list on Google 

Open All Year
Daily: 1 pm ’til 10 pm
Winter: Closed on Tuesdays

You’ll find Olives at 1, Socrates, Larnaca to Dhekelia Road, Pyla Tourist Area, Larnaca … It’s immediately opposite The Golden Bay Beach Hotel … See Google Map Icon below …
GPS: 34.978327, 33.691472

Flavours that will Fascinate You!

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