July 2020

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Cold Water
It’s July, my favourite month, and you have to love it coz it’s really summer, oh, and it’s my birthday on the 27th, any excuse to light a BBQ, not that we need one in July … I’m glad lockdown has finished coz Leo’s don’t do lockdown lol … so, its peak season, and it’s hot, hot, hot, with the temperature well over 40°C by mid-July, and even the cold water isn’t cold enough!  Sunrise is about 5.30 am and it’s not getting dark ’til almost 8.30 pm, there’s beach bars throwing beach parties, coz the clubs aren’t open yet.  I’m missing the foam parties and pool parties but I’ve heard the night clubs are targeting to open by 16th with some massive names coming to spin their mix …

So, let’s start by saying Cyprus did an absolutely sterling job to fight off this virus, naturally, as the word ‘Pandemic’ is Greek, and literally it means ‘virus that spreads quickly’.  There is only one solution, and that’s ‘slow it down’ and we reacted very quickly to do just that, with strict lockdown measures, only allowing people to go out once a day and having to send an SMS message before you go, ffs we even had a curfew from 9pm ‘til 6 am with strict policing, handing out €300 fines for breaking the law, and now it seems we are reaping the benefits with almost no social distancing in Napa and many other coastal resorts …

Drink More Water !!!
Now, if I can only give you just one tip, in July it’s well over 40°C in the shade, that’s over 110°F in English, so it means it’s time to remind you to drink more water, if you’re out in the sun for long duration’s you’ll need at least 3 litres a day to avoid dehydration and if you think that’s loads, my good friend Craig of Bungee Down Under fame used to drink 8 litres a day, and not pee, hmm please take note!

Eating Out
I’ve been here 28 years now, following What’s On in Cyprus, looking for the best eateries, many that I’ve worked with since I arrived, many that have decades of experience, and a few cool new finds, and we’ve stopped off at some awesome pubs that might as well be restaurants along the way.  Beach bars have sprung up everywhere along the coast, many serving fresh fish platters and I’m very confident you’ll love our recommendations!  What cuisine do you fancy? hmm, why not try a one-word search, they are fun and who knows what you might discover …

As I was saying the clubs aren’t open yet but if they do open on or around the 16th July Ayia Napa, of course leads the way, as always, competing as one Europe’s club capital’s, and tbh, I think it’s pretty hard to beat the nightlife in Napa, mainly coz nothing is too far to get too from the city centre.  Castle Club, of course, the biggest, and by now they normally have 5 Rooms open including an outdoor chill out VIP zone, that’s a touch above the rest and might be the only room that opens this year … Club Ice smashing it with Foam and UV Paint parties, the ever faithful Black ‘n’ White the only place to go for the urban mix and Bedrock Inn for the unique Silent Disco or one of my favs, Carwash Disco, I think it’s the best night out in town !!! oh, and the only After Party these days is Club Aqua.

Beach Life
Whilst the clubs aren’t open yet … just look for the in-fashion beach bars all along the coast and the really cool old town café’s in Larnaca like Savino Rock Bar, and places like Breeze, Bedroom and Guaba still smashing it in Limassol … the thought is hmm unimaginable clubbing heaven lol

Kendall Events
One event I’d really like to make is Kendall’s Events’ Soul, Blues and Rhythm & Blues Review on Friday 17th July at Angeleka Restaurant in Chloraka, Paphos and Sunday 19th July at Anesi Restaurant in Peyia, Paphos … Karen is promising they’ll be an awesome trip back in time!

Morrelli Events
It looks like most of Andreas’ Morelli’s Events won’t start ‘til September but he has got one gig on Friday 3rd July at Lithos Bar & Grill in Oroklini, where he’ll be live on stage as the legend Dean Martin, bringing back memories of when he was on ITV’s Stars in Their Eyes back in 2000 … I’m going!

This Comedy Variety Drag Show is probably one of the best shows I’ve seen in my 28 years here … hopefully will launch their fifth season on or around mid July.  I went to the first performance in 2016 which was awesome and many times since and tbh, I can’t stop going, coz this show is just wow!  I had a chat to Kieran and Kevin recently and they are ready to go as soon as they are allowed to … stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates.

Go Cruising
Cyprus is so versatile, much as its peak season and all the kids are on school holidays so ‘youth’ is evident, tbh, it’s the same in all of Europe’s top resorts, so you’ll see loads of party cruises … The best just has to be Fantasy Boat Party that are planning to set sail on Saturday 11th for the crazy crew, but there’s plenty for all the family from 3 to 103 … Boat Trips galore along rough and rugged coastlines, mooring in Blue Lagoons for a swim stop in aqua blue waters, or there’s Sunset trips, Mermaid Cruises and the excellent Lazy Day Cruise, that will set sail on Friday 11th July, and The Black Pearl Pirate Cruise sets sail on Friday 10th July.  One of my favourites is The Yellow Submarine in Ayia Napa Harbour, where Captain Yioryis will give you an adventure to the sea caves oh, and look out for a few Firework Cruises, and Deep Sea fishing to catch your own lunch to cook in one of the harbour side restaurants perfect!!! … for more info try searching for ‘Boat Trips’

Getting Around
There’s much more than you think, the wonderful Camel Park in Mazatos, the awesome Pafos Zoo to get back to the wild … a few cool Escape Rooms, a huge Fun Fair in Napa, a proper Hedged Maze, at The Botanical Gardens, Water Parks and Water Sports galore, and some really cool Adventure sports like at the awesome Sayios Adventure Park in Asgata near Limassol, I have to say is absolutely awesome and a must try!

If you want to get away from the heat, then a trip to the Troodos mountains is refreshing … check out Jimmy’s Jeep Adventures up on the west coast and Trackers Excursions on the east coast both highly recommended … The mountains are beautiful at this time of the year … and I have to wish a huge well done to the crew at Jungle Float in Protaras for re-floating this wonderful fun on water activity for kids and grown-ups on 4th July.

Getting a Tattoo in Cyprus is a great idea with some of Europe’s top artists choosing Cyprus as their home and apparently our friends from Norway are known to come over for a week’s holiday and get a full sleeve for less than it costs to stay at home lol, meanwhile their partners are chilling in one of our spas and beauty centres …

Under the water
Diving, of course, is in its element with crystal clear warm sea and vision up to 40 metres it’s a great time to learn to dive with Open Water Courses starting around the €150 mark, Cyprus is one of the best places in the world to get that first certificate. Oh, btw experienced divers, get a load of our dive sites and they’ve just found a new Ancient Ship off the coast of Protaras, which I’m sure in time will be one of the world’s top wreck dives if they’ll let you near it?

You may have noticed I have a passion for Cyprus, coz I truly believe this place is paradise, all you have to do is read my article on The Lost City of Atlantis to believe. Meanwhile, most of our visitors keep coming back, and eventually many of them move here. It’s got some of Europe’s finest beaches, probably the best sea I’ve ever snorkelled in and arguably the best climate in the world … oh, It’s been conquered by so many nations in its history, which btw is 12,600 years, when the Greek Gods discovered it, and btw they invented party, so be rude not to show our respect and keep partying

Shop ‘til you Drop
Shopping in Cyprus is catching up with the rest of Europe, as most shops in tourist resorts stay open ‘til 11 pm … while the rest of Cyprus still enjoys a siesta, and why not … I love the efforts up in Old Town Pafos to invite shoppers back to stroll around pedestrianised cobbled alleys where you’ll also find top designer fashion boutiques and quaint bistros and cafes some even hosting Salsa Dancing in the Streets, and hundreds of dancers go, quite brilliant!

Our web site has over 1,600 pages about Cyprus and what you can do to pass your leisure time and our Facebook page gives you the things happening daily, and I’ll keep my eye on last-minute announcements so naturally watch this space!

The continuation of cultural events since Pafos hosted the Cultural Capital of Europe has expanded and it’s lovely to see … For a full list of Cultural Events and Exhibitions go the Cyprus Tourist Organisation’s web site www.visitcyprus.com

You Want More?
Don’t forget to check out our ‘More’ section … It’s everything you need to know and more ! … maybe learn the Local Lingo? Hadeh Reh! … oh and look out for our regular ‘Live Videos’ as Tony skirts around doing what he does best, everyone is loving them …

So all that’s left to say is, if it’s your first time here, why? If you’ve been here before, welcome back!, and we all know that after you keep coming back, eventually, you’ll move here, anyway, you are all very welcome, and last but not least, step up the UV factor, whatever you do, drink loads of water oh, and make sure you do something you’ve never done before, at least once !

Enjoy and Na Da Boumen!
Tony Dynamou
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Cover photo by Nadia Itani from www.pixabay.com

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