Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark, Kato Paphos


Award Winning
Let’s start by saying this excellent multi-award-winning Waterpark was voted the No: 1 Waterpark in Cyprus and No.3 in Europe and tbh, and they deserve every accolade they get … so, expect to find nothing but the best here and you’re guaranteed a great day out whatever your age …

One Platform
I caught up with the marketing manager Socrates to find out just why they are so good … Socrates said, “We recently had a huge renovation and the theme is like ancient Cyprus, like the goddess Aphrodite’s playground, lots of pools, rocks, rivers, pillars, mature trees, shaded bits and lots of places to relax and catch the sun.  But one of the best things is because all the big flumes are easy to get to especially the wild rides that all start from the top of the same platform, so if the queue is too long for one, you can just jump on another!”

Family Park
While I was there, I grabbed the chance to have a good look around, check out my Live Video here … The Waterpark is set on over 35,000 square meters on the East side of Paphos, it’s well designed with lots of space to relax in between the fun … It’s a family-orientated park which also boasts the TripAdvisor award in the Top 12 Amusement Parks in Europe and btw, they’re No:1 Amusement Park in Cyprus!

Big Slides
My favourite slides include; ‘Zero Gravity ‘ jump on the rubber ring, with your best friend next to you and race down the slide and back up the other side ’til you reach zero gravity and go back the way you came … the feeling is awesome!

Cannon Drop
Next race your friends down the Cannon Drop bareback … Side by side, these 2 Tubes will hurtle you down really fast and flip you into the air with a surge of water, somersaulting if you wanna …

Free Fall
Get ready to break the speed limit as you plummet 50ft down an almost vertical drop in just a few seconds and into a big splash at the bottom … the experience is extraordinary!

Aqua Infinity
Are you ready to test your limits on Aqua Infinity … This is one of the most exhilarating slides in the park, on your back, feet forward, hands crossed, you’ll drop at crazy speeds down the tunnel into three 360° Loops of twists and twirls, where you won’t even know what’s around the corner, before 30 meters of splashing water that’ll freshen you up before slowing down ’til you hit the pool … Brilliant!

Crazy Cone
This is one of the newest and craziest slides in the park … Choose either a single or double Raft … off you go down the Crazy Double Cone, an enclosed tube where you’ll embark on a wild journey before sliding up the walls of the first cone into a pendulum of confusion as you get pushed up the other wall of the second cone and finish off sliding down to the bottom … I just love it!

This slide is a ‘must do’ for all adrenalin seekers and it’s probably the most prominent feature in the park … The Kamikaze is wet, it’s wild and it’s one of those white-knuckled flumes that’ll leave your heart pumping with adrenalin, so take a deep breath and hurtle down over the dips that’ll leave your stomach in your mouth and all I can add to that is you’ll probably say “let’s do that again!” … It’s my absolute favourite!

Wave Surge Pool
This park also boasts the biggest Wave Pool in Europe, where every hour, on the hour, for 15 minutes you can ride the waves in the huge pool.

Family Rafting
Jump into a family Ringo or just two of you and off you all go, down over a hundred metres of twists and turns.  It’s a little more sedate than some of the rides so you can see what’s happening around the park … Check out this Video of their Slides & Rides here

Lazy River
It might be time to slow things down as you glide down the Lazy River … Then switch up the adrenalin down the Raging River and finish off back down the Lazy River again … around the Wave Pool, flitting past The Wave Bar, aka Adult Corner, a must for a drink later serving all your favourite spirits, beers and exotic cocktails … and if you like this one you’ll also love the Wet Bubble and the Super Volcano … check out their YouTube videos below …

Food & Drink
There’s plenty of places to get lunch, a snack or just an ice cream around the park … One bar serves Fish & Chips another International Fast Food and one, of course, serves Traditional Donner Kebabs … There’s also an excellent Chinese Restaurant for a delicious Chicken Curry, a Pizza Cabin, a Waffel and Crepe stand … oh and, a Kosher Corner too …

Life Guards
It’s extremely rare that they are ever needed but all their lifeguards and slide guards are professionally trained in first aid and first aid practices.  They are there to make sure you meet the age and height limit for some of the slides and naturally to make sure everyone has a safe and fun day out

On occasional days of the week, the park invites one of the local DJ’s to play all your favourite tunes, all day and their mascot Froggie is there to entertain the kids too … In fact, there’s just so much happening here you’ll want to take advantage of their VIP Pass, VIP Family Pass … oh and, the 2 Day Pass  because you’ll definitely want to go back again!

Splash-Tastic Events
Looking for a splash of fun for your next big bash or team event? The waterpark is the perfect spot to dive into excitement! From Birthday Parties that’ll make a splash with all ages to Corporate Team-Building that’s anything but dry, they’ve got you covered.  Thinking of giving your Summer School a day to remember?  We’re all about those fun-in-the-sun lessons.  And hey, if it’s time to wave goodbye to bachelorhood, our slides and rides promise a wild, wet adventure.  Enquire about their VIP Area. Get ready to soak up the good times!

Cool Idea
I just love the cashless system here … You get a wristband, you just scan it in, then you can buy food and drinks and ice creams all day from all of their restaurants and kiosks and when you’re ready to go home you just scan it again and pay for what you’ve had … Brilliant!

Booking & Discounts
Naturally, you can just pop down any day but it’s advisable to book especially on weekends … Click here to Book On-Line and copy and paste WHATSON20 into Promo Code field inside the basket and you’ll automatically get a 20% Discount

Open Long Summer Season
April, May & June
10.30 am ’til 5.30 pm
July & August
10 am ’til 6 pm
September & October
10 am ’til 5 pm
Free Wifi 

You’ll find them just off Poseidonos Avenue in Kato Paphos … It’s the far east side of Paphos just past Louis Phaethon Beach Hotel and near Geriskipou Municipal Stadium … See Google Map Below …
GPS: 34.742143, 32.441353

No: 1 Waterpark in Cyprus
No: 3 in Europe
Must be worth a visit!