Assumption Day, 15th August

Assumption Day, 15th August Image by Dorothee QUEEN from

Believe it!
If you thought it was just another Bank Holiday … think again … this is one of the biggest celebrations of the Greek Orthodox Religious Calendar … The 15th August is in fact  Assumption Day, the day Mary, mother of Christ, was taken up to heaven, body and soul, so she could be with her son Jesus forever … it’s preceded by 14 days of fasting, and of course all the churches in full flow! It’s celebrated by a day of Feast, hence the reason you’ll see all those huge queues at the butchers and smell those wonderful aromas of lamb on BBQ’s everywhere.

Naturally as it falls in the middle of August, when Cyprus industry and commerce pretty much closes, and of course, in Cyprus it’s guaranteed to be sunny, and hot, and so, a day at the beach followed by an evening around the barbecue with friends or family is a must, oh, and as this year it falls on a Saturday in Cyprus they’ll make a long weekend of it … I bet Mary and Jesus can smell those wonderful aromas drifting up to heaven from Cyprus … Mmm!

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