Shop ’til You Drop …
Cyprus has been part of the EU now for 11 years, much as its been very European for far longer.  It’s still a sleepy little country in the far east of the Mediterranean. These’s days it’s also become quite multi-racial, along with the variety of imported goods available on our shelves.

Malls & Shopping Centres
There’s a wonderful choice of shopping in Cyprus, with the bigger cities providing a wider choice and literally hundreds of souvenir shops, providing a huge choice of gifts, from beautifully hand carved backgammon sets, to a pack of rude playing cards and hundreds of variations of worry beads, which of course will only make you worry!  There’s several large Malls and Shopping Centres, all your big name lines, and Indie Designers shops everywhere.

Cyprus has over the years gained an excellent reputation in a few markets including; Jewellery, Gem Stones, Opticians, Leather, Pharmacies, Pottery, Hand made Lace and Fur, not to everyone’s liking unless your Russian it seems, brrrr I never wanna be that cold! …

And with little manufacturing here most things are imported, and sometimes seem more expensive than in other parts of Europe, but often as not acceptable. You name it, it’s probably here, all you’ve got to do is look!

Shopping Hours
Most shops open from around 08:00 to 13:00 & about 16:00 to 19:00 ish. Late night is on Friday ‘til 20:30 and tourist areas as late as 23:00 … Kiosks, or newsagents aka Periptera can stay open 24/7 along with Bakers so you’ll usually find something somewhere. There’s always at least one pharmacy open near you.  Yet 11 years into Europe and still the majority of our shops close half day Wednesday and Saturday and all day on Sunday, except in some tourist areas, like I said “mañana, mañana”, they’ll never change …

Plan Ahead
So, plan ahead and just in case, don’t put off ‘til avrion, what you can do today! Remember to change your money in the morning, as you can’t always rely on afternoon services in some areas, and you know how it is, you’re bound to see something you want when you’re out of cash.

Oh! and if you have any spare, tips are gladly received at our office!

By Tony Dynamou