May 2015

Cyprus May 2015

It’s May, my favourite month … mainly because its definitely the start of summer, we might get a few showers but chances are it wont rain again til September except for a crazy hail storm in August. I love this time of the year, lovely sunny days, through crystal clear sky, no heat haze yet, and mild yet cooler evenings, but you can still go out in a tee shirt … Driving around you can see all the restaurants and bars preparing to open or already opened and i’ve been going to loads of opening parties, that has been fun, its a hard job but someone’s gotta do it πŸ˜‰

Summer has well and truly started with most pool parties either launched or very close … and the general feeling is Cyprus will have a good year this year, to be fair we could do with a bit of luck, as forty-six percent of our economy is based on tourism, and the reprecussions go all the way down to the paper merchant … but i have a feeling its going to be awesome this year … you heard it here first …

By mid May, I think you’ll have enough choices when it comes to eating out as most restaurants, cafes, and tavernas have opened or are on the brink, you can’t shake off that maniyana maniyana influence over here that easily … but that’s one of the reasons this is such a special place … Same when it comes to enjoying your favourite tippple as most pubs, bars and watering holes are also open … the choice in both cases should keep you happy … same when it comes to clubbing, as by the first weekend in May, Ayia Napa will have seven or eight nightclubs to choose from! The Capital clubbing a little more sophisticated, but rocking just as much, as usual … Larnaca keeping its reputation as the hub of Cyprus, whereas in Limassol, our Capital on the coast provides a vast variety of nightlife and Paphos, is and will always be a top resort up on the west coast, with a large expat comunity that keeps them busy most of the year.

All the water sports are set to go, with maybe one or two extra items to be floated but the majority of these guys have been at it for years and you rarely hear any complaints about the services and prices available … a big shout has to go to the Flyboarding Cyprus team who have set up at Golden Coast Harbour to offer you the opportunity to fly like iron man and dive like a dolphin … I tried it, trust me it’s awesome and a must if you’re into a little adventure sports … coz this is the fastest growing extreme sport in the world … and I cant wait to try the Hoverboard … like a surf board without the waves, only with this you come out of the water … omfg!!!!

Oh, almost forgot we have two tattoo conventions, one early May and one in June should be fun … and the excellent bi-annual Strawberry festival in the little village of Dherynia … all i can say is, if you like strawberries … go! And the amazing Aphrodite Variety proformace at Zappion Palace in Paralimni will have visitors from all over Cyprus … congrats to One Stop Entretainment, what a fantastic idea! …

So i’ve been so busy getting the App launched, im a day late on Ed’s note, i’ll top it up if i find anything, if its your first time here, all i can say is, why? If you’ve been here before, welcome back, and we all know that after you keep coming back, you’ll move here … anyway, you are all very welcome, and last but not least, stup up the uv factor, drink loads of water and make sure you do something you’ve never done before!

Photo by Tony Dynamou
Blues Brothers by One Stop Entertainment
at The Love Boat Bar, Protaras