Optical Services in Cyprus are close to 50% lower costing than in other parts of Europe. Furthermore, eye or sight testing is still free in Cyprus, so if you feel the need why not make use of it ? In fact many of our repeat visitors actually come with prescription in hand. So much so, that there’s literally an ‘optical war’ out there, especially for us forty plus crew !

Worldwide Guarantees
Don’t worry, you’ll find dozen’s of opticians, of whom most provide the latest testing equipment and by law, at least one fully qualified member of staff on the premises. There’s extensive range’s of lenses and optics that will cover pretty much every requirement. Some even have their workshops on the premises, offering a same day service and many will actually give you a worldwide guarantee …

You can feel confident that our opticians will provide you with a similar service to that which you would expect throughout the rest of Europe. We even have a few excellent ophthalmic opticians, who are so good they can tell what’s wrong just by using their own eyes. Don’t worry, they usually back it up with a computer, but I love to see people practice their art. Naturally any serious diagnosis should always deserve a second opinion ?

Apart from regular optical services, you will also find a full range of sunglasses at similarly low prices. All of Europe’s top name designer frames are available, from Ray-Ban to Oakley, Armani, to Versace, Police and Christian Dior. With the sun as strong as it is over here, ooh, some 330 days a year, it makes good sense to invest in a pair of real Sunglasses that give your eyes 100% UV protection …

Photo by Tony Dynamou
Ana by the pool