August 2018

Everything you need to know and ... More !

It’s August !!!
Not my fav month … well it does get just a little bit tooo hot, like around 45°C in the shade, so for those of us still working its really yukk, Nicosia at lunch time not a good idea!!!, now if you’re on the beach it’s paradise!  Fact is; the infamous philosopher ‘Plato’ describes this rock as ‘Paradise’ and who are we to argue ? … OMG!!!  It’s August Sales I nearly forgot, anyone coming shopping?  check out Brouska in Paphos, Larnaca and Nicosia or Y2K over in Ayia Napa and Protaras

It’s also peak season so it’s a bit busy in town but pretty much the whole of Cyprus’ commerce and industry also shut down for about 3 weeks, not worth trying to work coz over 40°C and the unions pull out the workers, so might as well close down, but of course you can’t get anything done lol … no probs, in Cyprus we just say ‘Avrion’ it’s the Cypriots favourite word, but I’m sure you’ll witness an occasional pull your hair out moment lol …

The hotels also keep about 50% of their rooms for Nationals to make sure they’ve got somewhere to stay.  So, as sophisticated, trendy, cosmopolitan, Nicosia spills down to the coast, and mixes with pure party, the result inevitably is electric!, oh and did I mention it’s summer, it’s hot, and I mean really hot, and if you only get one tip from me this month, make it ‘Drink more water’ !

Youth thingy
It’s August, so the youth thingy is evident, everywhere, and why not ?  Their lack of inhibitions and smiles are infectious, so too their fashions, each year the girls seem to be wearing less and the guys prefer it that way!

The club scene is at its peak as the mix steps out of the basements and onto the beaches, and into the pools with beach and pool parties coast to coast … In the last 10 years we’ve seen a huge increase of stylie beach bars opening along the coast, aimed more towards the local market with weekly parties happening all through August!

Beach side
Nightlife Street in Paphos has changed a bit but Vibes and the Loft still lead the way … Napa still boasts some top clubs in Europe including of course Castle Club, Ice, Black & White, Aqua and Carwash, in Larnaca the city cafes swing to club mode at night and the rest of Larnaca spills onto Makenzie Beach and up in Limassol the classy Breeze Club is awesome and arguably Cyprus’ number one club Guaba, on the beach, it’s a perfect setting for a club day or night out, bringing some of the world’s top DJ’s as usual!

Kids & Grown Ups
Don’t forget it’s school holiday’s so loads of little’ns around too.  There’s plenty to do with the nippers, do try The Camel Park in Mazados or Pafos Zoo, it’s a wild way to catch up with the animals, up close, there’s nothing quite like kids faces when they come close to wild animals, check out the walk through Avery at bird feeding time, it’s a fantastic day out … and one of the coolest things this year is The Jungle Float in Protaras, trampolines and rope swings into the sea, go check it out …

Maybe get out on a Jeep adventure up to the Akamas or a little unique Trackers Excursion alternative maybe try The Cyprus Maze at CyHerbia, who knows, you might be able to lose the kids for a few hours, safely 😉 while you enjoy real cream teas or a glass of wine and check out their gardens and natural, herbal world …

Adventure Sports
You can walk on the sea bed with those old style helmets on or The Flyboarding Cyprus team have increased their adventure sport presence by helping set up and train other water sports to Flyboard.  I’ve tried it and let me just say, when you come out of the water like Iron Man and dive like a dolphin it’s just awesome !  Check them out at Paphos Water sports left of the promenade, Octopus Water sports in Kato Paphos, West Wind Watersports in Limassol, near Mediterranean beach hotel and at Stephanos Water sports in Protaras by Vrissiana Hotel …

Cyprus boasts one of the longest diving seasons in the world so it’s also a great month to learn to dive, with the water at its warmest and where better to get away from the sun then discover the underwater world of the med !!!

Living on the sea
its perfect weather for a boat trip … From the crazy Fantasy Boat Party to the award winning Black Pearl in Napa, to glass bottom boats all over the place, semi subs and catamarans, fishing trips where you can catch your lunch at cook it at the harbour … Or, there’s pedallos on every beach and they got slides on them these days 😉

Boat Trips
A must for the tiny tots is The Mermaid Cruise in Protaras, it’s an awesome idea.  Just seeing their little faces as they finally believe in real mermaids, it’s just awwww! Brilliant ! … Whilst up in Paphos, the best boat on the harbour has to be Wave Dancer as it Salsa’s its way up the West coast with daily cruises and stunning sunset dinners and a spectacular entertainment with a huge firework party finale !

Getting Around
Cyprus is a small rock, a maximum of three hours and a bit will drive you from far South East to high North West, along the coast, or from Kapparis to Pomos … So jump in the car and go touring, maybe a trip up to the mountains to get away from the maddening crowd and intense heat, mmm, and if you dare, cool down a bit in one of the natural waterfalls.  On the way, back down, stop off at one of the ‘left back in time’ villages of Lofou in the Troodos foothills, where the annual August 4 day Lofou Festival revolves around the 15th, so that’s at least two good reasons to go ! btw Lofou Taverna highly recommended !

Reggae SunJam
I’m really hoping to be able to make this … one of my fav events for the summer, the Reggae SunJam at Paradise Place, on the 4th to 6th August, a refreshing addition to August calendar up high on the west coast.

We said versatility to the extreme, so for a full list of Cultural Events and Exhibitions go the the Cyprus Tourist Organisation’s web site … Meanwhile do try and catch The Ayia Napa Youth Festival on the 9th & 10th and at the end of the month on 31st to 2nd September, It’s the 20th Pafos Aphrodite Festival.

Party Gods
Remember kids you didn’t start it, the Greek God’s did, some 12,600 years ago, right here on this wonderful rock we call Paradise, so as it was the gods who introduced us to the world of party, I think it’s only right that we show them our gratitude and continue where they started and show them how to party twenty-first century and more importantly, Cyprus Style !!!

I expect you’ll notice, I love Cyprus with a passion … ‘Special’ doesn’t even begin to describe it, and if you’ve returned to this rock at least once, you’ll understand, ha! it’s even got its own distinctive smell, in my book Plato was spot on !

And finally …
oh and just in case you wasn’t taking note, please drink more water, increase the UV factor, drink loads more water and make sure you do at least one thing you’ve never done before !

Na da bou’men!
Tony Dynamou

Cover photo by Tony Dynamou
Model: Alex Blue Dynamou, off The Jungle Float, Protaras 

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