September 2016


September 2016 …
It’s September and one things for sure, this is my favourite month, honest ! … I can’t believe it’s here already, the summer has shot by, and Autumn isn’t too far away . but I got a feeling we’re in for another Indian summer and we’ll still be on the beaches ’til November . ho hum !

Mid Thirty’s
I really love September, the temperature by day has dropped to bearable, much as it’s still in the mid thirty’s, at least we can sleep without the fans on … but the cold water still isn’t cold enough and don’t be to surprised if we get a shower or two though that probably won’t happen ’til October …

Stunning Sunrises
You can feel and smell the air is cleaner, with the Troodos and Northern range of mountains standing out on the horizon, now that the heat haze is clearing … so expect stunning sunrise in Protaras and spectacular sunsets in Paphos …

Parties and Festivals
September also brings us loads of closing parties, some a little premature I feel, but to make up for it there’s festivals, beer parties, theatre, and dance events scattered all over the island . Make sure you check out the More section of the App . maybe learn the local lingo . it’s also touring season, so check out Stanna’s article called Driving You to Drink, jump in the car and go check out some places of interest with wineries in shouting distance, get some wine tasting in and top the cava up for Christmas . did I say Christmas? OMG ! … it’s not that far away . btw the non drinker has to drive ok !

Schools Back
Schools are back, hence our cover, so there’s a distinct lack of 6 to 16 year old’s on the beach … making room for the older crew, the party weathered lot, who really know how to party . all the mature boobs are out on the beach and why not ? . The restaurants are in their element, as couples go eating out every night and the island of love captures all the romantics who eventually get married here, making us the number one place to get wed in the med !!!

So much Happening
There’s so much to choose from in September, Starting with Minus One back on stage at Savino Live on the 3rd and Cyanna Mercury on the 11th and their 26th Birthday Party on 27th … Cafe Mercedes re-opens on Friday 2nd in Nicosia … Don Giovanni is the Theatre performance at this years 18th Pafos Aphrodite Festival on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th … I could go on but you’ll just have to keep in touch on fb and my blog on

It’s said that more money is spent here in September than any other month and so the finale to the season is usually a happy one … quite a relief to what has so far been a strange season . lots of people but they’re spending less … it’s a funny old world !

The Network
Changing the magazine into a network was my inspiration whilst in Oz and NZ back in 2012 … and it’s lovely to hear all the positive remarks, like, it’s so user friendly, the web sites really cool and our fav, we love the directions button . The What’s On Network is being updated daily and it automatically refreshes when you open it each day . btw Volume III of the App is in design mode and you’re in for a few surprises !!!

Time to Tan
Much as we might get a day’s rain in September, remember we only get 30 to 35 days rain a year, so you are pretty much guaranteed to go home with a tan … unless you’re Irish . first Irish bar to install a Solarium will make a mint . oh and don’t let those cool Mediterranean breezes fool you . reduce the factor 30 gradually through your stay and don’t forget to drink plenty of water …

The Best Guide to Cyprus
The web site and facebook page, instagram and twitter are all active daily and the App is the easy to navigate platform, that will be with you always, as long you have your phone with you . oh and the new YouTube channel is an eye opener …

You tell us and …
We love to receive comments, ideas, events, and your stories, so please keep them coming … we are very reader friendly ! and if you are checking out my recommendations please mention What’s On, you’ll often get a nice surprise !

Finally, if you are in business and you’ve got something to shout about please get in touch and we’ll get you on the network …

And really finally
if I can give you only one tip, make sure you do something you’ve never done before !
Tony Dynamou

Cover Photo by Tony Dynamou
Model: Georgia Cobra
The Villa, Ayia Napa

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