Do you know Alice ?

Alice J.S. Carter

Inside out Alice J.S. Carter
I caught up with Alice, you know Alice, Alice wtf is Alice for coffee at mine … better known as the little blond bombshell doing tribute gigs in Protaras and Ayia Napa . Her faves; Lady Gaga, Tina Turner, Kylie and anyone else under 5ft … Coming outta Beckenham in Kent, Alice is a prime example of the best things come in little packages . her sweet voice was evident from the age 8 . Ten years later graduating at the Association of London College of Music to Grade 8 … and musically trained at BRIT School of Preforming Arts in Croydon … Now, you’re just as likely to catch her on the stage at Rockefellas Bar in Protaras or singing at a wedding in Dubai or she hopes a panto in the West End at Christmas …

Inside Out Alice …

Q:  How long have you been in this biz ?
A: ”I suppose you could say I went pro in 2009, but I’ve been singing since I was 8 , my first summer season was 2006 as a dancer in Disneyland, Paris .. I came to Cyprus first in 2009 to work as an entertainer’’ …

Q: Dancer & Entertainer ?
A: ”Well, I trained in Musical Theatre at The BRIT School of Preforming Arts and I love music , so it was just a natural mix … I love singing ! I prefer doing me on stage but I love doing Tribute Acts because they give you the chance to act a little too” … you know, lady gaga’s a bit … We both said ‘Crazy’ ! lol

Q:  If you wasn’t singing what would you do ? …
A:”I worked, and still do occasionally, when I’m home, in a Pharmacy, it’s sort of relaxed hours, so I suppose ‘Dispensing’, I would have gone in that direction, maybe ?’’

Q:  What do you like best about Singing ?  
”How you can express yourself, how you can make people feel, touch their emotions … it’s just wonderful feeling’’

Q: Has The stardom effected your life ? 
”Not really, but it’s nice to be recognised

Q: Who was your inspiration ?
 ”No one really, when i was young, friends just told me I had a nice voice, so I’ve always wanted to sing”

Q: Why the Tribute Acts ?
A: ”ha ha !… I chose Lady Gaga coz she’s a little eccentric, and so I can dress up mad like her and Tina Turner and Kylie coz they are both small like me, and Abba coz you can’t do karaoke without a bit of Abba” …

Q: Fav drink ?             
A: Bailey’s on crushed ice

Q: Fav Club ?
A: Starsky’s …
Q: Why ?
A: ”Coz I remember a good night there years ago !” … Hmmm, they say anything goes ?

Q: Most prize’d possession ?
A: My I phone …
Q: Why ? … 
A: ”ha ! no, I suppose a ring my mum gave me with stars on it” …

Q:  What Makes you laugh ?
A: ”
Funny people”

Q: Why Cyprus ? Napa ?  
A: ”It just happened, I went for an audition with That’s Entertainment in Larnaca and somehow ended up on the East Coast but I’m glad coz I love it here, such nice friendly people !’’

Q: Where will you be this year ?  
A: ‘’Mostly on the east coast, The Brilliant Hotel, Rockefellas Pub, and Tasia Maris Hotel probably, but I’m working mainly with That’s Entertainment Agency, so I’m still talking about dates and details … I’ll let you know if you want ?’’ … Yes please !

Q: What’s your transport ?
A: ”Car … I feel safer lol”

Q: Will you be looking for holiday romance ?  
A: ”Wouldn’t say looking, but when you don’t look ? she said with a cheeky smile 😉 …

Q: What’s your most embarrassing moment at work ?
A: ”I was singing with another girl and she past wind on stage, it was really smelly and I just burst out laughing, then we just couldn’t stop laughing, you know every time we looked at each other’’

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects ?
A: I’m singing at a few weddings around the world, meanwhile Cyprus early and late season, probably a a bit of modelling, fashion, glamour, lingerie, and one day I’d love to do some theatre, maybe in the West End and I always look forward to Panto season …

Q: 5 Essentials in your suitcase
A: I phone . I Pad . Bikinis . Make up . hmmm my Epilator, gotta have nice legs on stage 😉

Oh, and just in case you were wondering the J.S. is Josephine Saleha … Saleha being a friend of my mums, its Indian for Princess …

So, do you know Alice ? … Singer ? Dancer ? Entertainer ? Model ? Princess ?

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