Cyprus, July 2017

Photo by Tony Dynamou ... Keeping cool, Model Mimoza, Kapparis, Cyprus

It’s July, my favourite month!
Mainly because its my birthday on the 27th, any excuse for a BBQ, not that we need one 😉 … of course it’s high summer, the cold water isn’t cold enough, the temperature will reach over 40°C by mid July, sunrise about 5.30 am and its not getting dark ’til almost 8.30 pm, there’s beach parties and pool parties all over the place, and the 100 day club war is well and truly underway, with some massive names coming to spin their mix.

The Best
I moved here in ’93 to launch a guide to Cyprus, and I’ve found some awesome places on my travels, meeting hundreds of characters and cool personalities along the way.  You’ll
notice I have a passion for Cyprus, personally recommending it as the best place in Europe, with the best climate, and we were recently voted to have the best beaches and seas in Europe and it’s one of the safest places with very little crime rate. Fact is; the Greek Gods discovered it over 12,600 years ago and so have literally millions of people since.

Things to Do
There’s a varied choice of eateries of every cuisine, literally hundreds of bars and clubs,
plus of course numerous boat trips, day trips, adventure sports, shop ’til you drop trips
or if you’re more the lay back and relax type, beach bars and sun loungers all over the
place, Mmmm!

Many of my articles and in turn recommendations are either leaders in their field, some I’ve worked with for 25 years, or maybe passionate about their service or art, be it a top chef, restaurant owner, a bar that provides drinks offers, the hospitality industry, or our tattooists, spa’s, hair and beauty salons and fitness studios, and even the local butchers, so if you have any recommendations please get in touch.

Leading the way in clubbing is Castle Club in Napa, with yet another massive revamp this
year, giving you 5 rooms including a VIP area and chill out zone under the stars.  Black ‘n’
White in Napa now also had a massive refit and now in their 32nd year for that pure urban

Starsky’s swinging more towards Decades of Dance, fusing a little EDM and Club Anthems, for a really awesome atmosphere and then there’s Carwash Disco celebrating 22 years, for the best night out … Up in Nicosia Club Zoo leads the way, in Larnaca everything moves to Makenzie Beach for the summer, and in Limassol it has to be Breeze and the world famous Guaba Beach Club whilst up in Paphos my fav has to be Touch Club

This month
We’ll see the worlds top DJ’s mixing their tunes in Cyprus … kicking off with the awesome
duo Vini Vici and Skazi on Sunday 2nd at Guaba Beach Bar, then on Saturday 8th, the eminant Paul van Dyk is at Castle Club in Napa. Beach Cult Live is every Monday at Maccronissos, where on the 5th its Wired; the UKG Edition and Chase & status back on Saturday 17th … Then back to Guaba for Martin Garrix on Wednesday 21st … Then don’t forget on 18th July it’s Napa Rocks Festival from 5 pm ‘til 11.30 at pm Kandi Beach in Napa. The month ends with Craig David’s return to BCL on Saturday 24th July at Makronissos Beach Ayia Napa and finaly, on Friday 31st of July Absolut Presents Locomondo Live @ Guaba … I’m going !

Don’t forget
Club Aqua the After Party in Napa and if you miss the world famous River Reggae your
crazier than them, both a definite if you really wanna live Napa … and the newly
renovated Pambos Napa Rocks Pool Party, goes crazy every Thursday afternoon …

on 2nd ’til 28th July take part in the Ancient Greek Drama Festival in Nicosia, Limassol,
and Paphos with performances by 5 theatre groups from Cyprus, Latvia, Greece and Israel.
On Monday 5th July you really mustn’t miss 100 Guitars, A concert by the Cyprus Guitar
Orchestra at Pattichion Municipal Amphitheatre, in Larnaca. …

We found Kate
The world famous ‘Finding Kate’ is back in Cyprus by popular demand on Wednesday 14th at Red Nicosia and on Thursday 15th July at The Ravens in Limassol.

Larnaca Festival
From 1st to 31st July … The Larnaca Festival is organised by the Municipality of Larnaka
and it is a feast of music and performing art kicking off with The the world famous Carmen
– Moscow Ballet on 1 July at Pattichion Municipal Theatre in Larnaca

I’ll keep my eye on last minute announcements and naturally watch this space, or check out our facebook page. One last big shout goes out to the Flyboarding Cyprus team who have set up various posts to teach you how to fly like Iron Man and Dive like a Dolphin, Bungee Napa adding the ultimate adrenaline rush and the spectacular Stardust Variety Show in Paphos and Vryssoules, every Friday and highly recommended !

Now for a little diversity, you could go Paraglide, or Hit 6G’s on Sling Shot, or if you’re
into diving we boast the warmest safest seas in the world with The Zenobia wreck in
Larnaca, it’s one of the top ten wreck dives in the world … is that versatile enough for
you ?

Cultural Links
For a full list of Cultural Events and Exhibitions go the the Cyprus Tourist Organisation’s
web site

More …
Remember to hit the ‘More’ button, where of course you’ll find a little bit more like; a
lovely wine lovers day trip to the mountains, we call ‘Driving You to Drink’, and a chance
to learn The Lingo, using English phonetics its as easy as ABC or al’pha, vie’ta, Gam’ma .
but seriously it’s the best way to learn enough to get by, more lessons coming soon …

The Network
I just have to say, that re-launching my old magazine What’s On Cyprus as a network
revolving around the web site and free App has just been awesome … I’m loving getting my finger back on the pulse, it has been my dream to incorporate a few of my passions into one, my love of Cyprus, my extreme passion for photography, and my infatuation of telling you it how it really is, tbh, I’m loving life at the mo.  I suppose it’s partly down to my recently acquired in Oz, philosophy, and as the great Jack Nicholson said “the less I give a fk’, the happier I am” !!!

So all that’s left to say is, if it’s your first time here, why? If you’ve been here before,
welcome back, and we all know that after you keep coming back, eventually, you’ll move
here, anyway, you are all very welcome, and last but not least, step up the UV factor,
whatever you do, drink loads of water oh, and make sure you do something you’ve never done before, at least once !

Tony Dynamou

Ps; I know I missed loads, but stay tuned !

More …