Cocktail Party at Homers Diamonds, Kato Paphos 16th & 17th December

Homers Diamond Salon, Kato Paphos, Established 1987

Cocktails & Fine Jewels 
Saturday 16th & sunday 17th December 2017

You are cordially invited by Omiros and Auvgousta to The Christmas Cocktail Party at Homers Diamond Salon on the Promenade in Kato Paphos to share cocktails and nibbles and enjoy preferential prices for Christmas …

Gold & Silver
This is a great chance to look for that little extra special present for yourself or a loved one … Everything from fine 18 ct Gold and 925 Sterling Silver and of course Platinum …

There’s beautifully designed Jewellery, gorgeous sets, engagement and wedding rings, necklaces, crosses, and fine time pieces including their newest top designers Just Cavalli and Henry of London … and of course Diamonds and Precious Stones sold separately or placed into any design you wish !

Cocktail Party
11 am ’til 10.30 pm 

You’ll find them at Paphinia Court, Shop 14, it’s on the promenade, by the harbour in Kato Paphos …