April 2018

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Is it Summer Yet ?
It’s April, my favourite month, mainly because it’s the start of summer, the fields are still really green, there’s blossom everywhere, we might see one or two showers, and then we probably won’t see rain again ’til at least October and most importantly, Wave Dancer up in Paphos and Fantasy Boat Party in Napa set sail in the first week, so it must be summer !!!

Happy Bunnies
It’s Christian Easter on Sunday 1st, which is also the day Cypriots all go crazy for fish, then it’s Greek Orthodox Easter on 8th, which also marks the end of 49 days of Lent, and the day we all go crazy for lamb, bbq’s everywhere, the aromas just mouth-watering … It’s the biggest religious event on the Greek Orthodox calendar with not to be missed congregations in Churches all over Cyprus, there’s bound to be one near you ! oh and btw, April is also opening Parrrrty time !!!

Sunbathing Weather
The temperatures have been hovering around the 25°C to 30°C mark, or 80°F to 90°F in English, so if you’ve come here for a tan, there’s no better place in Europe to be, coz as usual we’ve got the best weather, blended with finest beaches.  Ayia Napa and Protaras Beaches being voted 1st and 3rd respectively by Trip Advisor in 2017 and with and the nicest sea I’ve ever had the pleasure to swim in, licensing hours that are as good as all day, not too good for the tan lol, one of the world’s top club scenes, and that amazing home from home feeling, mmm !

Driving around it’s evident businesses are getting ready to open in time for the influx of Easter visitors from all over the world, and in fact our nationals who’ll leave the villages and Capital to come down to the coast, and maybe dip their toes into the sea, ha! not until June 😉

There’s still renovations happening everywhere, new menus popping up outside eateries and the announcements of big events this summer.  In Napa, I hear, Castle Club, and Carwash Disco are opening in April to keep Club Black ‘n’ White company, as they have been rammed to over spilling all winter!

Not just Napa
Club Dstrkt are still doing it in Larnaca, and Secrets Freedom still boasting the best night out and up on the west coast in Pafos, Vibes promising to be one of the best nights out on Bar Street. Guaba are smashing it in Limassol, whilst Club Zoo still lead the way in the Capital Nicosia. Some might open just in time for Easter and more than a few that just won’t make it, Avrio! as we say in Cyprus 😉

On Stage
The entertainment scene is setting the stages, with Kendall Events up on the west coast boasting a really cool tribute to Johnny Cash and in Larnaca the awesome Minus One will be back on stage at Savino Live on Easter Sunday, and The wonderful Stardust opens on 6th and One Stop Entertainment in Paralimni kicking off another great season.  Check out some videos on our YouTube Channel …

Better get ready for The Legion Run in Limassol on Saturday 14th and I’ve noticed all the Boat Trips are setting sail for the summer season and Jimmy’s Jeep Adventures coming into their element at this time of the year, and on that note, go and check out the new babies at Paphos Zoo, and make sure you catch the Bird Flying Display, with occasional jaw dropping surprises, it’s awesome !

Cream Teas
As it’s Easter why not make the most of the Spring Holiday by driving up to the mountains or maybe take the kids to the Cyprus Maze, throw them in, and chill out in the gardens at CyHerbia for a few hours, ignoring their screams for, help I’m lost, and indulge yourself with delicious Cream Teas with real clotted cream from Devon mmm!

Or grab a few friends and check out Trapped in Limassol or Break Out in Napa, are you clever enough to escape ? and I reckon all the Waterparks will be open by the end of April, tempting ?

The New App
The network is now in its 5th year and is growing daily. It’s now on 8 major social media apps including our New App which launched on the 25th January and to my knowledge is the only dynamic App on Cyprus, so please download it on Play Store and give us a rating, 5 Star of course 😉 … btw you’re gonna love it!

Web Site
Meanwhile our responsive web site fits nicely onto your phone and is one word searchable. I’m loving Cyprus, and my job and I promise I’m gonna make this the best guide to Cyprus!

Check out our facebook page for the day by day events and interesting post shares and you can now follow us on Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up to date with what’s On Cyprus ! and keep your eye open for me and my camera 😉

3 Million !!!
Awesome news just in, there’s even more commercial flights to Larnaca expected this year, as airlines and tour operators look to bring even more visitors to this wonderful rock, rumour has it we’ll hit 3 million visitors for the first time ever !

The Gods
Remember this is the Island of our Goddess Aphrodite, where sun, sea, sex and selfies are all part of the norm, well, what else would you expect ? You don’t think that all those Greek Gods came here for nothing, do you ?

If it’s your first time in Cyprus, I can only ask why’s it taken you so long? lol , and as the majority of you have been here before, I think it’s safe to say you’ll probably be coming back!  maybe it’s that distinct smell as you get off the plane ? unmistakable ! oh, and If you live here, you’ll already know, it’s one of the best and safest places in the world, anyway, whichever, Kopiaste, aka you’re all very welcome !

So to finish off as usual, if I can give you one tip, make sure you do something you’ve never done before! At least once 😉
Enjoy !
Na da bou men !
Tony Dynamou

Cover photo; Compliments of Pixabay.com

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