My First Fantasy 2018

Fantasy Boat Party, Ayia Napa

Fantasy Boat Party
I’d lost this photo gallery hence the delay in publishing photos and videos from Fantasy Boat Party’s first sailing of 2018, not a bad crowd seeing it was 7th April ! All the regulars were there to wish them a good season, it’s a must for me to go, be rude not to 😉

Awesome Crew
Captain Andreas back on the helm as usual and Guru invited me to join them and naturally, Marshall and Constable Cruise made me at home and you just can’t say enough about this crew and the party cruise, coz it’s the best on the med by far, hmm today it got a bit risky 😉 and much as I got the shots I won’t be able to share them until after my fb boost lol … so stay tuned 😉

I love this trip, it’s a Fantasy Boat Party, few open bars, shots, couple of swim stops, shots, lunch, shots, party games, more shots and dance your heart out oh and more shots!!! … I love this trip and btw if you miss it, you ain’t lived Napa !

My first fantasy of the year was worth waiting for !

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