Darcy’s Restaurant & Lounge Bar, Pegeia, Paphos

Darcy's Restaurant & Lounge, Pegeia, Paphos, Established 2018


This is, without doubt, one of my favourite finds this year!  Darcy’s is an international restaurant and lounge bar, just half a mile from the strip in Coral Bay.  Darcy’s is an inviting name, so I had to ask, it’s named after a blend of loads of peoples initials, it made me smile, coz it’s perfect … btw, it’s no loud bands, no footie on big screens, just good company, good wine, good conversation, in comfortable surroundings, and above all, excellent service and absolutely delicious food!

Dreams do come true
It’s a dream come true for this wonderful couple; Denise and Darren, who are sooo passionate about their food.  Both originally from the UK, Denise from Tottenham in London, grew up in the trade, her father was a publican and Darren’s from Liverpool he’s been a chef for 28 years moving to Cyprus about 12 years ago, they met whilst working together at a restaurant a few years ago, then Darren opened a little kitchen which really took off and in July they opened Darcy’s, somewhere you can chat and enjoy good food and this place is so cool, and their food so good, they are already fully booked for Christmas!

Wine & Dine
The decor looks so welcoming, a spacious alfresco lounge under vines with comfy sofas and just inside on the covered terrace, solid wood tables immaculately set, pristine, polished wine glasses of various sizes ready for a fine selection of wines, inside is lounge, bistro style, clean and shiny, a well-stocked bar with stools if you only want wine 😉 and unusually toilets on the same floor, so no walking up and down stairs, very cool !

There is such a nice variety, you can eat for around a tenner if you want or splash out a bit and add a glass of wine or two for around twenty euro, or go posh for about fifty euro … They don’t do breakfast coz they cant serve wine with it 😉 … but I have to say the eggs looked good and they do serve Liver & Bacon or Sausage & Mash, covered in cheese if you fancy.

Light Snacks
If you’re not to hungry try one of the Filled Wraps, Jacket Potatoes, Filled Cyprus Pita or just Sausage egg and Chips, Darcy’s Cafe Style! Maybe just a Fruit Platter, oh and they do extras but I’ll let you ask 😉

Next Time
There’s so much to choose from, I’ve pencilled in for starters, the Salmon Fish Cakes or the Mini Spring Rolls, for Mains, the Lamb Shank, The Roasted Duck in Plum Sauce, The Steaks looked mouthwatering … The Fresh Squid, and Fresh Tuna straight from a friend’s fishing boat, and the Fish Platter for one, if I can ever get there on my own.

Daren loves to make pies, so if you like your meat with fluffy pastry you’ll be in heaven, his BBQ Spare Ribs looks finger looking good, traditionally they make a delicious homemade Moussaka, Beef Stifado, and from the East Stir Fry Noodles that I’m told are very popular already, so to the Sunday Roast, which is already fully booked most weeks and wow, they put huge prawns on their Surf & Turf, and on that note …

Sea Food
A British favourite Battered Cod & Chips, or add a little Italian with the Fillet of Salmon, maybe Scampi, or Mussel’s Mariner, cooked in White Wine and a Creamy Sauce, or they’ve already become famous for their Pies, I recently tried the Fish Pie and wow! it was delicious.

Kids Menu
Its a family restaurant so here the kids are welcome with their own selection, from fish fingers or Nuggets to Pizza and Bangers & Mash … or they’ll size down most meals for you!

I’m glad I saved room for afters, the Choc Fudge Cake was to die for and i had a nibble on the Cheesecake, of which there were a few to choose from, the one with Baileys sounds delicious and a must on my menu for my next visit, hmm or maybe the Apple Pie … They also have an awesome Cheese Board to share, if you’re just enjoying a bottle of wine in the lounge …

Hogs & BBQ’s
With plans to do BBQ’s once a month on a Saturday afternoon, outdoors, with the occasional Hog Roast, 75 Kg of Fresh Hog on the Spit Roast by the awesome local Hog Roast Company, accompanied by Gecko, a live 5 piece band, playing all the classics, that’ll get your feet tapping and make it like a big village Hog Roast Party ! oh and things like Valentines will be all romantic and Halloween, just an excuse to wear stockings and put makeup on and party, so get ready for some cool ideas for a good night out!

Open all year
Daily; 12 noon ’til 12 pm-Midnight
Sundays; 12 noon ’til 4 pm

It’s really easy to find, on St. Georges Avenue, from the roundabout on Coral Bay Strip, head towards St. George its 800 metres, just past Phillippos Supermarket and the Go Karts, on your right, with plenty of room in the huge car park.

Spacious, comfortable, somewhere to chat and enjoy excellent cuisine!

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Open all year
Daily; 12 noon 'til 12 pm Midnight
Sundays; 12 noon 'til 4 pm

It's really easy to find, on St. Georges Avenue, from the roundabout on Coral Bay Strip, head towards St. George its 800 metres, just past Phillippos Supermarket and the Go Karts, on your right, with plenty of room in the huge car park.

Tel: 0036726936926