Ink 2 Skin Tattoo Crew, Paralimni

Ink 2 Skin Tattoo Crew, Paralimni, Established 2014

Tattoo & Piercing
I caught up with Valentino a little before the Art Fest, his new venture, and I promised I’d catch him after the festival of Tattooists and Artists and craftsmen and women, which btw I attended on the day, and I must say I thought it was a great success, and Valentino is already working on the second one, so book your space now …

This studio oozes Valentino’s personality, a childhood left behind, or maybe not, as you walk in it’s on two levels, down the bottom a big sofa and ideas, an electric guitar ‘n Marshall amp, high stools, a TV, a skateboard and a cool Bubble Gum dispenser full of Jawbreakers, a nice touch … naturally images of tattoos and illustrations everywhere and a display of Body Pierce Pins & Bars. Next level up two professional tattoo tables, all the right equipment and a Bar Football Table so you can take your mind off everything …

Early Days
I asked Valentino how he started, he said “I sort of got into Tattooing by accident, after school, I bought a beginner’s Tattoo kit from e-bay and started practising on plastic skin and sort of got absorbed into it” … he went on, “I’m sort of self-taught, with stints in Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa doing the tourist style quickies, then I opened my own studio 5 years ago, slowly but surely I started to add colour, so I’ve been tattooing for over 10 years now, and tbh we’re a bit different here” …

Tattoo Crew
Valentino continued … “This isn’t just me, it’s a Tattoo Crew, a consortium of 4 Tattoo Studios each specialising in their own styles, so we’ll give you the best Tattooist for your selected style.  Basically, they all travel from one studio to the other, working together so you can stay local, cool idea! Valentino added, “I won’t do shitty designs, I just can’t so I refuse to do them” … I liked that! … He continued, “we have many high profile clients that prefer to work behind closed doors” … makes sense 😉

Colourful Pallets
Valentino said he loves tattooing, it’s his life, he really enjoys doing Neo-Traditional, New Generation, Black & Grey, Old Skool, American Style … following fashion, he’s now blending them together with colour, and when I asked why? he said because it offers him a larger pallet … just wait to you see his custom designs, they’re awesome, it’s obvious this guy oozes a natural talent …

Chopstick & Needle
Valentino also uses this unique style … Tattooing without a machine, he says “it’s better for Finger Tattoos, and Line Design, its manual application where you can control the pressure, allowing him to apply more pressure to finger tattoos so that they go deeper and last longer … Valentino said it’s a good way to get your first tattoo coz it hurts less …

DNA Art Tattoo Studio
The Limassol link DNA Art Tattoo Studio are famed for their omg designs customising everything, specialising in Fantasy & Mythology … working both in Black & White and colour …

Irezumi Tattoo Studio
Highly respected tattoo studio from Larnaca, our port of old, Irezumi Tattoo Studio who specialise in Linework and Geometric styles plus, Mandalas, and Black work …

Joe Jeans Tattoo
The Kitti Connection, I’ve met these guys and love the set up there, their ink is awesome, and they’ll come to you in Paralimni Joe Jeans Tattoo provide the Realism, photos, and portraits plus Black & Grey

Health & Hygiene
Valentino told me these days most of the equipment he uses is one-time use disposable needles, EZ Tattoo Equipment, Eternal Dynamic Inks from a local supplier, and naturally everything fully sterilised …

Body Piercing
Valentino also provides body piercing to any part of the body, with an excellent selection of pristine, gold, and stainless steel bars, hoops, and rings.

Open all Year
Daily: 12 noon ’til 7 pm
Closed Sundays & Public Holidays

You’ll find them at 5, Ayios Georgiou, on the cobbled slope, in the centre of Paralimni, next door to Fast Food Acropolis, and opposite the kiosk about 50 metres from the big Ayios Georgios church … See Map Below … GPS: 35.039591, 33.981981

Tattooing is an Art and Art is their life!

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