A Night out in Napa after Lockdown

A Night Out in Napa After Lockdown, Saturday 20th June 2020

Bear Necessities
It was Saturday, so I thought I’d pop down to Napa for the first time after lockdown mainly to wish Lucas, Stavros and Giannis good luck on the opening of Jungle Bar on the strip … I got there just after midnight, late as always, and it was just like a Carwash reunion lol … The drinks were flowing the music pumping and after a couple I made my way up to catch Simos and the crew at Encore, just love this garden bar, the music my fav …

Top of the Strip
Then I had to pop up to catch Linos at Igloo coz I’d missed their opening the night before, and next door Titanic was busy, so too Hollywood Boulevard across the way … and this little area on the strip was wicked … Then I flitted past Bazaar to Elements to catch up with my good mate Panicos bumping into Erika and my fav PR the craaazy Daisy Banks, and finished off back at Titanic to grab a drink with my good friends Maggie and Panicos … Check out my videos here

It was very strange seeing the strip with just locals and long stay workers partying and it was cool bumping into some old faces, and btw, brighter days are coming with restrictions being lifted again on the 24th June allowing up to 75 people inside a bar and 150 outside a bar, and I’m led to believe clubs planning to open around mid July … and it’s weird, coz the social distancing thing seems to be a thing of the past in Napa, in fact all over the coastal towns of Cyprus … and tbh, much to my relief coz I’ve had enough of this Covid shite!, and I hope like many others its all gone and we can get back to partying like only Napa knows how to party …

Here comes Summer, Napa Stylieeee!!!

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