Posh Yachts off Nissi Beach

Superyacht off Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

Super Yachts in Napa
My good friend Tony Takkou popped round and said “have you seen the big boat”? … I hadn’t and from my place it looked pretty big, apparently the largest sailing boat in the world … so off we went to get some shots, first from Ayia Napa harbour, it looked like an angel, then, moving along Nissi Avenue, left of Nissi Beach aka the Bungee Downunder site, then to Nissi Beach up close and then Landa Beach, got halfway home and then back to Landa again coz the sun was setting and the lighting was awesome …

I’ll have two
Here’s a selection of shots I took today, of what I’m led to believe is called Sailing Yacht A that cost a cool €360 million and costs €250, 000 to fill up with fuel, oh and the little boat that pops out the side of the 143 metre yacht, with 100 metre high masts is worth a cool million … that’ll do me … btw, if you own this boat please invite me onboard to get a few shots inside … omg I wish!

Cyprus, going up market these days!

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