Nicole’s got the Cutting Edge

Nicole scores the cut line on our Gin Bottles

Cutting Bottles
We’ve been building an outside bar at home and Lou had an idea to use some empty Whitley-Neill Gin bottles to light up the bar on its back wall … with Bamboo Goal posts and cables ready we needed to cut the bottoms off of three Gin bottles.  My first thought was Angela from Snazz that Glass.  Just like us Angela was a little precautious as cutting bottles is not that easy and suggested we get in touch with Nicole …

Coming from Milton Keynes Nicole of Up Sea Daisy Crafts has been living in Paralimni for almost three years … her passion is to hand make, original creative designs, using carefully collected re-cycled materials, Nicole’s attention to detail was evident, her experience obvious as she explained the process, which we had seen on YouTube.

Nicole quickly advised us that she can’t guarantee that the bottles will cut completely perfect and that as these coloured bottles were painted, not stained, that there may be a slight discolouring on the cut … we were prepared to take the chance and if all went wrong we’d just have to drink loads more Gin, 😉

Upside down
Nicole started by getting her purpose made bottle cutter out, and as we wanted the bottom of the bottle cut, she’d need to turn it around and might need a little help to steady the bottle … Louise offered and so we started …

The Score
First Nicole measured the distance exactly, then again, “measure twice, cut once” she whispered, a lady of my heart lol … she carefully twisted the bottle putting a score mark around the base, just where we wanted it.  Then poured boiling hot water from the kettle onto the score on the bottle, and immediately put the bottle under cold running water to provide the stress shock to the glass and ‘Ping’ the bottoms dropped off … it looked easy!

Whilst at her workshop, I noticed a couple of her projects, one a lovely mosaic of an owl almost finished the other an etching for The Tipsy Turtle .. You’ll find Nicole selling her crafts at local markets and fayres or you can see what else Nicole has created on her business Facebook Page for Up Sea Daisy Crafts and buy direct on-line.

Art & Crafts is her passion!

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