May 2021

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It’s May, my favourite month, well, apart from September lol … much as we’re starting it off during our third full lockdown which has closed all shops except the essential ones including pubs, cafes and restaurants, even outside and re-introducing a curfew at 9 pm!  Mad as it sounds Easter can still be celebrated by up to 50 people in a church and curfew has been extended ’til 1 am for our religious contingent, and why not? Easter is of course the biggest religious event on the Greek Orthodox calendar, and this year it kicks off the month falling on Sunday 2nd May …

As you can imagine some people would say it’s annoying not being able to celebrate Easter in a restaurant with 49 other people and be allowed out ’til 1 am unless I’m going to church? It’s a bit like the 5 am curfew, unless you’re going hunting thing?? amongst many other synonyms, my fav being you can make love to your wife but not play tennis with her??? .. check out our eating out tips

I’m a tad frustrated not being able to write about all the opening parties we would normally be telling you about in May … Especially as the month kicks off with the Easter Holidays when the Cypriots in their droves come down to the coast, ending a 49 day fasting with the Easter tradition of spit roast lamb on the BBQ … It’s a tradition that goes back over 2000 years of course … and tbh I can’t ever see Richard Branson’s plant based Gyro standing a chance in Cyprus lol

I love May, mainly because it’s definitely the start of summer, coz we’ve already taken the quilt off … we’ve already started getting a tan coz it’ll normally hit over 30°C in the shade and the days are longer, almost guaranteed sunshine through crystal clear skies, as there’s no heat haze yet, amazingly that’s partly down to the lockdown.  I’ve also started going out at night in shorts and t-shirt, and if we are really lucky we probably won’t see rain ’til October … oh and you can even spread the butter in the morning! … so I’m off to the beach, just for an exercise swim of course 😉

Now, I’m the eternal optimist, so I’m thinking the reason the Government has put us into a lockdown is so that less tests are made, hence less positives and false positives are found, and more people have more time to go for the jab and the cumulative figures puts Cyprus into the Green zone and so everyone will be allowed to come on holiday and we might just save our summer season this year.

Just imagine the amount of places that opened on the weekend of Friday 23rd April, who had to close again on Monday 26th … it was so sad, all that cleaning, refurbishing, buying stock, hmm  I can’t imagine how much money they lost, in fact ‘sad is an understatement! on that note I want to give a big shout out to places like Savino Rock Bar in Larnaca and Centro Storico and The Square Bar in Napa that are bringing back life to the old town …

So if we do go into the green, expect to see many restaurants, bars and cafe’s reopening all over Cyprus and visitors arriving from numerous countries as we’ll be one of the safest places in the world!  Naturally helped by the increase in natural vitamin D that the sun provides us for 330 days a year in Cyprus!

Many of you may know that I’m the eternal optimist and a non believer but I need to remain non opinionated … so lets just say, I hear that the people have revolted, and are fed up with lockdowns looking at many countries who have cancelled all restrictions and are doing just fine, so I reckon by the end of May, not only we will be going out to restaurants and bars but the beaches will be open with their watersports in action and by June maybe even a few pool parties, boat trips, live concerts and clubs

Good Move
I also hear that many people from the UK, Scandinavia and a few other countries are finding out the little loop hole in the don’t travel advise by looking to buy a property here.  I also know that a lot of you were already thinking about it and are now finally doing it so get in touch with some of our property recommendations.

On the Pulse
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Cyprus is still paradise!

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