Extreme Pizza on top of Cape Greco

Vangelis checks his Extreme Pizza, on top of Cape Creco, on World Pizza Day

So, it was World Pizza Day on Wednesday 9th February and I got a phone call in the morning from my very good friend Vangelis of Bites 7060 Pizza in Livadia … “Alright Tony, it’s World Pizza Day and I’m gonna represent Cyprus by cooking a Pizza on the top of Cape Greco … do you wanna come and do a live video for What’s On?” … Now, I’m a sucker for a little spontaneity, his last effort, the biggest vegan burger in Cyprus, all 5 kilos of it, so we arranged a time and …

Up to the top
Parking some 300 metres below the summit, we had to carry the outdoor pizza oven, gas bottle, dough and sundries up to the top, in the rain, we got soaked, and I couldn’t help thinking ‘we must be crazy’!  Now I have to say, Vangelis knows his Pizza, like when Pizza was first created and which type they cooked for the sailors and I know he did his training in Italy coz he told me when I first interviewed him a few years ago and guys, this guy really knows how to make a good Pizza.

Doing it!
The speciality pizza oven took around 20 minutes to warm up to 400°C, meanwhile we got the workstation ready and Vangelis started his art of creating pizza, he obviously mastered so well in Italy.   The first was to be a Margarita, so I decided to wait to do a live video on the second one a ‘Marinara’, they once cooked for sailors in the late 1880’s, just basil, garlic, oregano, and extra virgin olive oil, which you can see on our Facebook page … what? No Cheese??

Worth it
Kicking myself that there was no cheese on that video, I did another which you can see on our Youtube Chanel or click the link below … The idea was novel, we had a lot of fun, took loads of photos and videos and as the weather cleared, including the rainbow over Konnos bay … Enjoy! oh and do go and try Vangelis’ Pizza, at Bites 7060 Pizzeria, in Livadia, its worth the trip! … oh and ask him what he’s up to on valentines day 😉

Whatever Next?

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