The Lingo ‘How to Talk to Your Dog’

The Lingo; How to Talk to Your Dog, in Greek, in English, First published 2005

Yah Doos Ex’sib’nous – For those know it all’s
A wise woman once told me, “you can say anything you want to your dog, and he’ll always look at you as if to say …. My god, that’s brilliant!”

Ed’s Note:
We thought you might appreciate a quick crash course in the basics of the local lingo, specifically aimed at how to talk to your dog … so without further ado, here goes … btw it tells a bit of a story 😉

Try piecing a few of words together, the permutations are endless and don’t worry too much about the grammar. Waving your arms about justiculatingly adds to the authenticity!  By the way, almost everyone speaks English out here, but it’s always worth knowing just a little to get you by, and the Cypriots love it!

By Tony Dynamou & Mell

Stand upSigg'oss'tou
Lie downXsab'loss'eh
Roll overYirr’is’seh
Play deadBex’seh beh’ham’men’ie
Let's goBah’men
HomeSpid’dee or essoh
We’re offF’fee’ah’men
Slow downSee’ah see’ahh
Don't biteMen ak’kann’ies 😉
Heel, stopStamm’add’ah!
Tickle, tickle, tickleGa’oou’ron ga’oou’ron, Gid’dee giddee giddee
Who is it?B’yoz in’neh?
What do you want? Inn’am’bou thell’ies?
Stop touching my bumAff’iss don gol’lon mou
It's mineIn’neh thee’gone’mou!
Leave it! Aff’iss’doh!
Get your nose out ofF’gal’eh din mou’tee sou
my crotch bou jam’meh
What have you done?In’am’bou egg’am’ezz?
You're driving me mad !Eh bell’ah’nezz meh !
Serves you right Galla na gam’mies / bah’he’s
Do you like it?Arr’esski sou?
Do you want to play?Thel’lee’s na bex’zies?
Have you finished?Eh dell’iyos’ezz?
I've had enough !Gan’nieee!
Brilliant !Dellie’ahh
You're my babyMorr’on mou
I love youSeh’agg’aboh
Get out of the bed X’sev’a bou doh grev’add’ie
Good boyBravo reh goum’bar’ro
Where have you been?Boo iss’soon?
Your breath stinksRrrr’uuuuuffffff!
Bad boyBal’yob,ethoh
You bitch Iss’eh shill’yia
You're dirtyIss’eh f’tom’ah le’she
You smellVrom’mazz
Bath time?Na gan’nies ban’yioh?
You're all softIss’eh mal’lag’tee
Where's your bone?B’oon don Gok’kal’on sou?
It's all your faultEh’see f’taze
Well, who did it?Eh b’yoz doh egg’am’men?
DinnerNa fa men?
Eat your dinnerFa’yeah doh fah’ee’sou
Lick it upGklipp’seh doh
Get out of my chairEx’soh bou din garr’eh’kla mou
Fetch the paperFer’reh din thim’eria
Fetch my slippersFer’reh des band’off’lez mou
Get off the grassMenn bin’nies bram’ma
What am I goingInn’an bou na
to do now?gam’moh do’rah?
Snip Snip !Snip Snip!
I'm gonna get a cat !Nah b’yas’soh gat’toh !
Do you understand?Gad’a’lav’ieeez?
We'll talk laterNah dah boo’men