Get Wed in the Med
We’re officially the number one place to get married in Europe! And just for a change, the authorities jumped on the bandwagon with alarming speed, and now it seems, you will be allowed to get wed, on the med, on an 85 ft catamaran, on the beach, or in fact on a Harley, if you can only persuade the town mayor to perform the ceremony!

Smashed the Plates
Now, to be honest, jumping from obscurity to number one surprised me a little, but when you come to think about it, Cyprus is the Island of love, the birthplace of our goddess of love ‘Aphrodite’ along with all the other horny Gods, who started the party some 12,600 years ago, and laid the foundations, inevitably leaving us with this beautiful rock called Cyprus.  In fact, I met my wife here, married her here, danced on the table and smashed the plates!  You can’t beat it!

The Cypriots love a wedding and attend an average of fifteen a year, with up to 5,000 guests being part of the norm.  To add to that, you have to take all the other pluses into account; primarily, it’s as safe as houses over here, with an unlikely chance of experiencing hostilities, and the biggest factor, we get over 330 days sunshine a year, which obviously means everyone will be wearing sunglasses in the photos!

Stretch Limos
Then there’s the Stretch Limousines or traditional horse and carriage, catering services that’ll let you smash the plates rather than wash up 😉 and first-class photographers, florists galore, patisseries all over the place, and of course many luxurious hotels, scattered along the wonderful romantic coastline with a stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, which will answer to your every whim, and why not?

So when you “inevitably” decide to get married in Cyprus, remember, it’s still going to be your day, so why not seek some professional advice, and contact one of several top wedding consultants who offer very professional services, that cover everything from booking the church or chapel to, well, you name it, they’ll probably find it!

Now, I’m led to believe, although you could legally marry tomorrow, if you so wished, you will of course have to provide the appropriate original paperwork.  Things like passports, birth certificates, and affidavits, to prove that you’re you and that you are free to marry. And with such an important day to plan, it has to be better to organise it professionally and bring all your friends and family, at a fraction of the cost of doing it back home.  So we reckon you’d better allow three weeks, that’s ten days to get the tan for the photos and ten days to get over the party! And don’t forget to send or email us one of the photos.

Here‘s a few of our recommendations, but on your head be it; getting married that is 😉

Oh, and sincerely, first congratulations from What’s On! Cyprus …